Stuck home waiting for your package? Now you can see exactly where that truck is.

This morning, I was stuck in that annoying situation where I had to wait home as I was expecting a UPS delivery that required a signature. You know that trapped feeling where you can’t leave the house for a minute? Because that minute will definitely be the one where you miss the UPS guy?

Then…I received an email from UPS telling me I can now track the delivery truck!  

He’s in my neighborhood!


At my corner!


Oh look! He’s here!


And now my new baby and I can go to work!


Note: This service, called “UPS Follow My Delivery” is now only available for packages sent using one of UPS’s premium services (such as signature confirmation, which my package had), but will expand to include all packages down the road. Now, go catch that truck!




  1. I actually had a UPS signature delivery today and was looking for this new feature but couldn’t find it. How would I access it next time around?


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