There’s some toys that just go hand in hand with outdoor fun. Here’s some of our favorite outdoor toys that will entertain your toddlers and little kids and will last for years to come.


I love anything and everything made by Step2. The designs are intuitive, the quality is top, and the best part…they’re easy to assemble.

First, the Step2 Push Around Buggy is one of those must-have toddler toys that you’ll see in front of almost every home. This will be an item you use every single day for those walks around the block with your baby or toddler. Make sure you put your name and phone number on it in a Sharpie or it’s certain to get mixed up with your neighbors (I learned from experience)! The Step2 Push Around Car is a similar product.


If you have two children between the ages of 1 and 3, then you’ll want to two seater option. I’m going with this Step2 Wagon for Two this summer.


The Step2 Roller Coaster is best toy purchase this year. Though it was a gift for my 2-year-old, the bigger kids always try to sneak a ride on it. It accommodates up to 50 pounds, so there’s a nice range of ages that can use it. (There is a “more extreme” version for older kids up to 75 pounds, but it’s triple the price).


Of course, every household needs a few Razor scooters for the bigger kids who go zooming about (we try to keep you posted when there’s a deal on these!), the LaScoot Scooter is great for little kids who aren’t strong enough to push pedals but still want to move on their own, and it’ll grow with them.


For a traditional scooter, the Micro Kickboard is pricey, but it’s the most recommended one out there for kids ages 2-5. You may be able to find a copy of this scooter locally for less.


Kids seem to gravitate towards trampolines. They sit for hours and enjoy the outdoors. But lots of you are concerned about trampolines because of safety issues. Here’s a solution for the little ones. The Little Tikes Climb n’ Slide Trampoline is low to the ground, includes fun stairs and a slide, and it’s still cozy enough to be a hangout. It’s recommended for kids age 3 – 10. Bonus: You won’t need to hire someone to assemble it.


Got boys? I own this Fisher Price Grow 2 Pro for literally almost 10 years (the older model – we use this indoors all year round). Though there are similar products by other brands, including the Step 2 versionI can vouch for this one because my boys have been literally dunking on it since they were toddlers. Most of the time, they decide to start playing around bedtime.  


A few years ago, my sister-in-law bought a water table for her kids. It kept the little ones very busy and cool on days she didn’t want to go to the pool. There’s lots of fun options in this category, including the Little Tikes Waterpark Play Table and the Step 2 Duck Dive Water Table or the more elaborate Rain Showers or Spill and Splash Tables.


If you’re kids are more into sand than water, Esti loved this Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table. Unlike with a traditional sandbox, since the kids don’t sit in the sand here, they don’t get full of it and stray animals don’t get in either. Esti recommends filling it with Crayola’s Colorful Play Sand for extra fun!


If your littlest ones are too small for the big swings, the Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber is compact enough for use indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer. It works for the littlest climbers, even pre-walkers.


Have a baby pool in your backyard? Add a Little Tikes First Slide and it’s turned into an instant water park.


What outdoor toys are your favorites?




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