Even after publishing multiple articles on the subject, I’m still often asked about the kosher status of drinks at Starbucks. So, I compiled all kosher starbucks information here. 

Since 2009 or 2010, I’ve been keeping up with the kashrut status of drinks at Starbucks. It really hurts me when I see otherwise kosher-keeping Jews ordering completely non-kosher drinks, simply out of ignorance. I know they wouldn’t have wanted to if they knew!

So what exactly can you order kosher at starbucks?

I have a lot of gratitude for Rabbi Sholem Fishbane of the CRC of Chicago for his in-person and in-depth research in this area over the past seven years plus years.

Because I constantly receive questions, I’ve compiled all the chronological information here so you can read and look up whatever you like!

Is Starbucks Kosher? Getting a Kosher Starbucks is more difficult than you might think. Checkout betweencarpools.com blog post to see your options.In a nutshell, you want to know what I order at Starbucks (mostly when I’m traveling or on summer days when I want a treat), since I’m well-versed on all this information?

My drink is an Iced Grande Soy Latte, with the shot divider removed. The shot divider is the only removable piece of the espresso machine that could have possibly been washed in the dishwasher with trief utensils. Espresso straight from the machine; cold soy milk straight into my cup.

What if you want a hot drink? Request a your cappuccino or latte at 115ºF or “Kiddie Temperature.” Trief “blius” doesn’t transfer at temperatures under 120ºF. And yes, it’s best to ask for the shots to be pulled without the shot divider.  

What about the recent addition of chalav Yisrael milk being offered at certain Starbucks locations? My response to this is that, if you don’t know the kashrus status of the keilim (utensils used to prepare the drinks) and other factors, CY milk doesn’t make your drink more kosher. Unfortunately, many people think that Starbucks must be OK because some locations use CY milk. That’s not the case. The only benefit is if you keep chalav Yisrael and happen to not like soy or coconut milk (I love soy milk so this was never an issue for me). You still need to know the information in the drink guide below if you frequent the coffee shop.

A Complete History of Kashrus Issues in Starbucks:

First, the list. Access it at the CRC’s website here. 

2009 or 2010: My first article on Starbucks, published in Community Magazine: 

2011: Rabbi Fishbane’s initial discussion on the kashrus issues at Starbucks.

2013: “What Could Be Wrong with My Little Latte?” by Victoria Dwek. An update to the new kashrus developments at Starbucks, published in Ami Magazine’s Whisk in 2013.

2015: “Brewed Fresh at Starbucks” by Victoria Dwek, published in Ami Magazine’s WHisk. Another update, as a lot happens in two years!


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Victoria holds a B.A. in English Literature from New York University and a M.F.A in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She’s the editor of Ami Magazine’s Whisk and is an obsessive cookbook writer (with six to date). When she’s not writing, she’s busy entertaining her cuties, all aged 10 and under.


  1. FYI, star k has recently published a revised list in which some flavors of frappuccino are kosher (and they are cold drinks, no espresso complications).

  2. Mrs. dwek , a kiddie latte or coffee frappuccino in a store where you see then put CT milk in it is CHOLOV YISROEL Starbucks… MOSHIACH is almost here!!

  3. Victoria, Starbucks is trying hard to serve our community you should be more positive! Many of the rabbis in Deal are VERY supportive of the CT Starbucks and do not subscribe to the Chumra of the Chazon Ish which the cRc has promoted. Check with your Rabbis people

  4. This is so confusing. According to Star K much more in allowed. Secondly, I see many chassidishe guys buy hot drinks, which according to Crc is forbidden. So I’m just confused.

  5. Thank you all for your comments! Of course, everyone is welcome to relay any questions to their own Rav. This is simply a compilation of all the info in one place for your convenience, based on requests to have it easily accessible. I feel confident staring information I know has been thoroughly researched. I’m not yet familiar with Frapp info…not really Frapp weather now, you know (although it’s always ice cream weather ;).

    And, of course, everyone knows that a “frum looking Jew” ordering a drink does not give it a hechsher! Always do your own due diligence.

  6. Victoria, in the interest of sharing info you should share the STAR-K info is on their site. I am sure they would speak with you! Also I heard that cRc is about to update and get in line with them.
    On another note, as an SY I kind of wonder why you are promoting this Chumra of cRc which is based on Chazon Ish (according to their article)… Do our Rabbinim agree?

    • The CRC and the Star-K have different standards which is why they are two different kashrus agencies. If you rely on the Star-K, that’s fine but don’t push the Star-K standards on to those who do not rely on them.

    • If the title of the article is “all kosher Starbucks info” it should not be solely based on one kashrus agency’s opinions.. It has nothing to do with pushing standards and everything to do with acknowledging the very popular other opinions out there. At least mention that they exist. Otherwise the article reads as if the CRC opinion is the only one out there and/or is shared by the other well known agencies.


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