Life has its stresses, and yoga can help balance it all out…even if you don’t have time! Here’s 5 easy ways to incorporate the benefits of yoga into your busy momhood.


By Daniella Weitzman


Being a mom of two with my oldest just about the age of two, I now know what it feels like to have the responsibility of being a mom. It’s stressful and never ending! It’s the best thing in life but also the hardest thing in life. And it’s so worth it.

But between the cleaning, the dinner time, the crying, and the late night wake ups, moms need time to balance it all out. We need to have time for ourselves and relax so we can continue to be our best. I’m a yoga teacher and have found that having yoga in my life helps balance out all my stress. Yoga helps to balance the body when things get tough, when the oh-so-very-hectic-life of being a mom kicks in and at some very second i just want to pop!


Here are 5 tips to keep yoga in your life during your busy days to help you do your best and most importantly be your best for your kids.


Start your morning or/and end your night with meditation. This simply means listening to yourself breathe. Get into a comfortable position, lay down, or sit up straight. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest and start to notice your breathe. Feel as you inhale and your belly rises, and as you exhale your belly falls. Take five breaths noticing the rhythm. This often helps you relax from the night time shenanigans or gets you prepared for what’s in store for your day.

Strike a pose with your kids. If you have a baby, try a Down Dog! Lie your baby down right under you and get yourself up into a down dog. To get in, start on your hands and knees. Curl your toes under your feet; press into your palms and slowly lift hips and knees up and back. This pose stretches the whole body, lengthens the spine, and lengthens the legs. A few breaths goes a long way in terms of releasing tension from holding groceries, babies, laundry, plus your baby is looking straight up at you. What will make them happier!? If your kids are older, they’ll copy you!


Strike a seated pose during tummy time with your baby or during playtime with the kids on the floor. Integrating yoga into whatever you are doing can help make you feel more at ease. You can do something like a child pose, a simple pose that will lengthen the spine and open the hips. Knees wide on the floor, bring feet together and lengthen torso over legs. Or a cobbler pose, sitting up straight with soles of the feet together, knees open wide. This pose helps open the hips. These are ways to keep working the body to keep yourself open and strong when you find you can’t make the time.


Try restorative yoga. When the kids are out of sight, sometimes a light yummy yoga pose is all you need to recharge. Try Legs Up the Wall. Start seated. Sit as close as you can to the wall and swing your leg up against the wall.  Your legs can relax from your busy day and all you have to do is listen to yourself breathe. It’s very calming and a helpful way to reduce stress.


Do nothing. Sit and just be present. Yoga teaches us to be present, not thinking about the future or the past. Sometimes we are running around like a race horse, trying to do everything we can. Let’s just try to take time to do absolutely nothing. Sit and drink a cup of coffee or tea and just be present without any distraction.


Hope some of these tips work for you like they’ve worked for me!

About Daniella:

Daniella Mann is a certified yoga instructor who has a passion to inspire as many people in her life to become more aware of their bodies physically and mentally so they can live a more conscious and healthy life. Follow her on Instagram to see more of how she integrates yoga into her life @daniella_weitzman.



    • Yes the poses I mentioned are safe but always important to be cautious. there are def a few restriction for pregnancy . Avoid twists and being on your belly! Stay in legs up the wall for as long as you’d like. Enjoy the benefits!


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