Whether you know your style or need help discovering what you love, Hadassah K. of Artifacte Home shows us how to get started on your home decor project without getting overwhelmed.


Hadassah K.

Lots of us have some creativity inside of us — and when it comes to designing our home, we want to have a say, we have taste, we just need a little help from a professional to pull it together. At Artifacte Home in Lakewood, NJ, Hadassah K. offers all her customers an all-encompassing home decor experience…including design guidance from choosing the big pieces down to the last details…for free!

We spoke to Hadassah for furniture and decor shopping tips for those of us who know when we like something…but really don’t know where to start.


[1] Find Your Style.


“If you don’t know your style yet, that’s ok,” Hadassah says. “I show my customers lots of different options until they are clear what style they like. This helps narrow down what appeals to you and will work with your space.” And when you’re not sure exactly what you’re style is, you can always go with an in-between transitional design likes these mirrors.

[2] Scratch That…You Don’t Need to Decide on One Style!

Lots of people already have traditional furniture but they want to update the look of their home…you don’t need to start from scratch! Hadassah knows how to advise her customers in updating the look of the home without having to replace everything. “If someone has a traditional dining room set, I find a chest or cabinet that has elements of both styles…I can tie the new and old together to blend different styles for an updated look. In one client’s Brooklyn home, we added an antique chest with clean lines that had an updated appearance, but still tied together with her traditional pieces.”

Sometimes, pieces of different styles that you like won’t work well together. But sometimes they can be different styles and still look good.


[3] Know Your Measurements.

You need to know the dimensions of your rooms before you start to look for furniture. Knowing the size of the space you need to fill is essential. This is a technicality but it’s important. “Pictures of a space are also helpful,” Hadassah says.

Hadassah is able to be most helpful, though, when she actually visits the space. “I offer a shop-at-home service in Lakewood and Brooklyn, and part of the fee can be used as a credit towards future purchases. When I see a space, I can envision different layouts of a room that I might not have thought of just from seeing photos. I can get a better feeling of the space. I have a curated collection of our products on my iPad, so we don’t need to be in the store to browse, but rather see the pieces in the actual space where they’ll be.”

Hadassah “favorites” the pieces her customers like while they browse, then they can go back and review their top picks. Later, she’ll email them the photos of their to picks with sizes and prices so they can mull over the decisions without on-the-spot pressure. For those people who are working with designers, they can also forward the photos.

“I feel most comfortable making the right recommendations when I have an opportunity to actually visit the space,” she says.



[4]Choose a Starting Point.

“If you’re doing a few rooms, and want to start in a place that’s not overwhelming, the entryway is a great spot. All you’ll need are a console and a mirror (for some storage and fixing up as you run out the door) or a bench for seating. Another way to start is by choosing one piece you love, and designing around that.”

Shown above is a Rustic Entryway, a Classic Entryway, and a Modern Entryway)

[5] Accessories Matter

Do you already have your big pieces, your dining room set, your couch…but want your space to look “finished?” It’s the accessories and accent pieces that makes the space look interesting. Vases, lamps, artwork, bowls, trays, and pillows are some of the items that give a space personality. Accessories help “layer” a style while also enhancing the functionality of the space. Hadassah can help you pull it all together.



[6] Trust Your Feelings

“It’s great to get opinions, but at the end of the day, you’re the one living in your house! YOU have to love it. Follow your gut instinct when you absolutely love something! Even if a designer loves something, you have to be the one that’s happy. If I think a client’s pick doesn’t go well in the room, I won’t say, ‘I like this option better’ without an explanation [although if you absolutely love something, consider using it as a starting point. See tip #3]. I’ll explain why, for example, ‘These pieces go together because they have similar lines, colors or designs.’ I educate them so they can make their own informed choices. You have to like it! I can recommend but ultimately, the final choice should be the customer’s!” Hadassah says.



About Hadassah K. and Artifacte Home:

Artifacte Home’s showroom is located in Lakewood, NJ and offers decor, furniture and gifts , from small to large, in all price ranges. Browse the showroom, or enjoy their shop-at-home service, as Hadassah helps you decorate your dream space. Contact Artifacte at (732) 806-7843, email info@artifactehome.com or DM and explore pieces and spaces on Instagram at @artifactehome.

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