Solid colors, stripes, little guys, big guys…there’s a polo shirt for everyone.


Ah uniforms! We waited all summer long for the girls to stop asking us what to wear. Now it’s time to get the boys some basics. Most boys schools require boys to wear shirts with collars. And while button-down shirts work, polo shirts are much comfier, don’t need to be ironed, and they look neat whether they’re tucked or untucked. They’re usually the go-to school attire.


Here are some of our favorites.

Basic Solids

Zara is our overall favorite. Slim and nice fit….and the price is unbeatable at $9.95. Pair up solid and solid like navy with navy pants for a neat crisp look. While there are very few color choices (navy, white, grey, and red), you can find a similar fit with more color choices at J Crew, which also with a nice slim fit.

There are also cheaper options (when using discount codes) and a bigger color selection at Old Navy and Gap, but the fit will be looser.


A.I. stone  is currently running a sale on boy’s polo shirts.

These come in great colors and are now only $10. Available at their warehouse in Lakewood, NJ:  // 520 James Street // 732-746-5035 // Sunday 11-10pm · Monday-Thursday 10-10pm · Friday 10-2pm

Like a little pocket for a bit more style?

These Polos at J Crew Factory and both have a small pocket on the chest and stitching on collar. They’re also made from a jersey fabric, not the usual pique, they’re extra comfier and that’s a big plus. The J Crew shirts are slim, but Primary shirts will look good on bigger boys too; just size up one size. Both are also available in lots and lots of colors.


Of course, Ralph Lauren polos are a perennial favorite because they fit so nicely and seem to last forever and ever. Macy’s always has great sales, so that’s the time to get them. You can find the little boys’ options here or here for big boys. Zappos currently carries a navy and white long-sleeved Ralph Lauren polos at 20% off.


Stripes  and Mixed Fabrics

Wide Stripes for $6? Sign us up! The Children’s Place has nice basic, striped polos (their solids are also similarly priced)…look for the right promotions.  

Dressier stripes (and pricier) are available at Brooks Brothers for the particular boy. Tommy Hilfiger also gets in some nice striped styles (though it seems they didn’t get in their fall line yet.)

J.Crew Factory stiped polos are a personal favorite though.

A polo that looks like a shirt? Check out this Target favorite.


Big Guys

Gap Husky has solid long sleeve polos. Grab them when you see them as they always seem to be out of sizes.

Brooks Brothers is a good options for the huskier or bigger sizes. The largest size they have is 18-20. Regular polos are pricier, but always check out their sale section for some better buys.

Tommy Hilfigers XL is approximately the same size. They don’t wash as well as the Brooks Brothers but with coupons you can get a great deal. At this time of this posting we don’t see any long sleeve polos, but they should be coming in, so keep on checking.

Which polos are your fav?



  1. Hi! Just want to mention from my experience regarding quality- Zara polos fade and j crew runs really small- I’ve always had to go up a size (my boys are slim but tall so maybe that’s why). So far I have enjoyed the polos from Walmart- they wash (and dry!) really well, and the Hanes brand – soft fabric, great price and color never faded, and looks great right out of the dryer.

  2. Thanks so much for another great post! I never heard of before, but so excited about this great site! The polo looks like the J crew one, but its cheaper and hopefully better quality! Thanks again!


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