From minimizing them outdoors, to ridding them from indoors, there’s lots you can do to keep those bugs from invading your space in the summer.

By Esti Friedman

After a lengthy conversation with all my neighbors about dealing with bugs during the summer months, I knew a post was in order. I grew up in a super clean home, and even though I’m not as good as my mother, I definitely retained some her housekeeping tips. Here’s some tips both from my neighbors and from mom.

Keep your garbage cans clean! You can either line them with Trash Can Liners, double bag any broken bags, and avoid adding non-bagged stray trash.

Spray Raid around your entire property (next season, do this as soon as the weather gets warm), in every corner, around window shafts, giving extra attention to the space where your garbage sits. I use this Raid Spray. It has minimal odor and a nozzle like a machine gun so you can spray from a distance. It kills and repeals about 25 different types of bugs.

Can’t Deal with the Bugs in Summer? 6 Ways to Rid Them from Your Property It’s very important to clean up all food that was brought outside. That means freeze pop wrappers, supper plates, cups, snack bags etc.

Invest in a good fly zapper. You can also use glue traps. Put one on the window during the afternoon hours. By the next morning, most will be caught and you can get rid of it.

Don’t want to even be seeing the flies? You can also avoid that entirely by hanging a Electronic Insect Killer on your property.

Keep doors closed as much as possible. It’s hard with kids running in and out, but it’s a good thing to train them to close a door whenever they open one.

If all else fails, it’s worth the money to pay a professional exterminator.

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    • Hi! All these tips will help prevent and get rid of fruit flies as well. Additional steps you can take include not leaving food out on the counter, throwing out fruit that’s overripe and pouring bleach down the sink occasionally to flush the drain of residue. Good luck!


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