From the super creative to the super cute…you’ll be amused by the thought and details all these Purim costumes.

Every year, along with a couple of other photographers in other cities, my studio holds a fundraiser by taking Purim portraits in exchange for a donation. Each family comes in their Purim costumes and gets a file to use for their mishloach manos, or just to have for their memories. On Purim day, there’s no pressure! Win-win for everyone!

This year, proceeds went to Sfat Halev, an organization which supports families of babies born in Israel with a cleft lip and/or palate. Donations are still most welcome!!

Every year I’m impressed by the creativity of these moms (and dads). Here are some of this year’s highlights:

Cats by Sara Stein

Sara chose to make a costume that was affordable, easy, and most important, comfortable for the kids to wear all day. She ordered tutus, ballet slippers and cat ear headbands and tails in advance from Ali Express (China) and used some eyeliner to draw some cute cat faces!

For last minute purchases, Amazon has the following options:

12 inch Black Tutu

16 inches Black Tutu

Cat Headbands and Tails

Black Ballet Slippers


Flamingos by Chayli Fischer

These flamingo costumes were totally DIY. Headbands were handmade from foam sheets which you can get at any craft store like Michaels. Chayli hot glued feathers to a shell from Shell Station and a tutu is from Amazon. Easy!


Items needed are:

Foam sheets. Hot pink, light pink, white, black.


Pack of feathers (Chayli got a pack from Michaels that included 3 shades of pink)

Glue gun and sticks

Hot pink shell

Hot pink tutu

Black tights


Drunkin’ Donuts by Shulamis Wolhendler

This costume idea came about through a bit of broken telephone. Shulamis’s husband overheard her say something about Dunkin’ Donuts and thought she’d said Drunkin’ Donuts. They just decided to run with it!

The caps and apron were bought on Amazon.

The donuts are made from felt, stuffing, lots of hot glue, and and black puff paint for outlining the eyes and mouth.

The donuts are attached to two strips of felt crisscrossed in the back and attached to the bottom portion (around where it hits the waist ) of the donut with Velcro.


Swan/Duckling by Esti Friedman

Let me just say that even though Esti called her baby’s costume “The Ugly Duckling,” I refused to put that as the title because this baby is certainly not ugly!! Can you believe she’s only 2 months old here?

For the swan costume, Esti made the tutu by tying strips of tulle to a Crocheted Tube Top from the Hair Bow Company.

She got feathers, felt, and the mask at Michael’s. She copied the mask pattern from Pinterest.

Thinking practically, she also made a feather headband, because—let’s face it—it’s hard to wear a mask all day.

For the ugly duckling, she got a yellow onesie from Primary. The yellow feathers are from a boa from Party City. She cut it into strips and hot glued it around the torso (careful not to glue the snaps shut!) and ankles.

She copied another beak pattern from Pinterest for the baby hat.

Bonus: No sewing required! Everything was done using a glue gun.


Victorian Girls by Bina Gitty Gross

Of course, having three doll-like girls is the most important part of this costume. Add thrift shop dresses and hand-sewn giant hair bows and you’re on your way. The finishing touch is the little bootie. This is actually a white bootie that was painted with the black design to resemble a popular style from the era.


Runners by Zisi Kaszirer

One of the best things about booking an appointment to have Purim pictures taken a couple of weeks before the big day, is that you are forced to be completely ready ahead of time. This theme was born at the last minute and worked out perfectly! A team of runners was transformed with a simple sweatband, some sneakers, and custom race bibs. Gatorade for hydration, and, of course, a medal for the winner!


Rainbow Girls by BR

I love how this bunch of girls looks so happy and fun – really in the Purim spirit! Throw a bunch of rainbow accessories – tutus, flower wreaths, tights, and arm warmers at a set of sisters and all you need is a giant lollipop to finish the look.


101 Dalmatians by Rivki Shaulson

In a great-aunt’s borrowed fur jacket, even the sweetest girl can turn into the evil Cruella De Vil. And those little baby puppies…sigh.


Candy by Shana Zeiger

Shana is the absolute master of homemade costumes. Every year she outdoes the previous one. This is the one we all wait to see—what’s she gonna bring us this year?! And, of course, she didn’t disappoint. Each costume is different and absolutely perfect. You’ll just have to stare at each one to see the details.

Of course, not very many of us are capable of creating costumes on this level. After many requests for information and help, Shana decided to start making costumes for others. She’s fully booked for this year, but maybe reach out and reserve a spot for next year.  

Bonus: We will be posting full instructions for one of Shana’s masterpieces! Stay tuned!


Farmers and Eggplants by Raizy Korn

With two new babies in the house, there’s not much time for creating fancy costumes. But this simple costume is a scene stealer. Have you ever seen cuter eggplants?? A knit beanie from Etsy and some purple swaddling fabric and you have simple costume that makes for super easy changing. Big brother farmers (carrots and farmer hats are from Hobby Lobby) are the perfect supporting characters.


Magician and Bunny by Chany Brach

Sometimes you just have to go with a classic. And there’s nothing simpler than a ready made costume from a dress up company. This magician costume is a full set from Melissa and Doug. A tutu and some bunny ears and you have an adorable duo!



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