Want to spend some family time playing a game? Keep it in the Chanukah spirit with Driedel Yahtzee.

I love Yahtzee. If you read this post, you’ll know it’s one of the top classic games I like to play with my kids. Unfortunately, though, since the game involves keeping score using a pen and scorecards, we can’t play it on Shabbat, the time when I’m most likely to play games with my kids.

Yahtzee for Chanukah, though? That can be a great family activity for any night. I’ve reinvented the game here so that you can play using driedels instead of dice!

dreidel yahtzee

If you know the rules of Yahtzee, you can download and print this scorecard and go right ahead and play (if you don’t know the rules, get acquainted here). All you’ll need to play are five driedels. Just take note of some rule changes below.


Rule Changes for Driedel Yahtzee (vs. Regular Yahtzee)


A) Since driedels only have four sides, and a dice has two, I’ve eliminated two of the lines in the upper section.

B) Roll twice in each turn NOT three times. Since there are only four sides on a driedel, vs. the dice’s six, your odds of getting three, four, or five of a kind are greater.

Click Here to Download the Printable. 



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