They’re durable and practical, but with all that wear, Natives and Crocs can get pretty dirty in the summer. Here’s how to get them looking like new.

By Shulamis Weil

To clean Natives or Crocs, use any all-purpose cleaner (such as Fantastik) and an old toothbrush, and scrub away! They’ll come out looking like new.

If you want a less labor intensive option, these shoes will get clean in the washing machine, but the machine won’t get into the grooves like the toothbrush will. The machine is not recommended for iridescent Natives.


Be careful when using a Magic Eraser, if you choose to use that to clean. If your Natives or Crocs have a design on them, the eraser can take it off if you rub too hard.


About Shulamis:

Shulamis is a busy mother of 7 who lives in Lakewood, NJ. Shulamis has taken her first passion, teaching, combined with her passion for home organization, to help other busy mothers get organized. Follow her on instagram @real_life_organizing for more great tips and to view her amazing work.




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