Do you have years of photos on your phone, and miss the days you could open an album?


By Miriam Hammer


Does creating your own photo book seem overwhelming to you? Now that Yom Tov has passed and we have a long stretch until Chanukah, it’s the perfect time to tackle that project. Don’t know where to start?

Follow these easy steps!


  1. Have your pictures all organized on the computer. This is key!  

 Create a folder for every year and then subfolders for every month. Periodically dump all your camera and phone pictures into the correct folders.


  1. Start by copying all the photos you’ll be using into a new folder titled ‘photobook’. (Use CTRL to help you easily select more than one picture at a time)


  1. If your photobook is of a single event or trip, then skip this step.

If, however, it’s of 6 or 12 months worth of pictures then make a list of all the events so that you can easily keep track.


  1. Upload all your pictures to a photobook program.

There are loads of different ones depending on your budget (like Shutterfly or Snapfish), but most of them are pretty decent.


  1. Start by filling your pages with pictures.

Vary the layout and sizing to make it visually interesting. Match the coloring to the season/occasion. Or keep it simple and monochrome for a sleek, elegant look.


  1. Then add backgrounds, text and clipart to create fun, colorful pages.

Tweak your pages by rotating some pictures a bit and changing up the font to make it even more fun.


  1. Wait a day or two to go over it again with fresh eyes to make sure everything is in the right place and you didn’t make any spelling mistakes.


  1. Now you’re ready to order your photobook!

About Miriam:

Miriam Hammer is a mom of two boys and an English teacher in Vienna, Austria.

Her hobbies include photography, graphic design and cooking quick, fresh, and nutritious meals that her picky 4-year old won’t touch.

She loves using her creativity to come up with fun lesson plans and exciting projects for her students and kids.



  1. Thanks this was great .
    I also find that many Photobook sites often have amazing sales!
    I make my book when I have some free time, and then I order it once I get a coupon code or the site has a sale!


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