There’s lots of important papers to keep track of at the start of each school year. So…how do we keep them easily accessible?


If you have a few kids, you likely have lots of different schedules, school calendars, and lists of phone numbers to stay on top of…so how you keep track of them? 3 moms share their methods.

1. As soon as I get the school calendars and class lists, I tape them right into the inside of the cabinet door. There’s easy access for all the kids to see without worrying that they’ll mess anything up. The kids also love crossing out the line as each date passes. If you are worried about peeling paint from inside your cabinet, use painters tape.

How to Store All Your Children’s Calendars for Easy Access


2. My kids were constantly asking for their schedule, a classmates phone number, or the day camp’s hotline number. I decided the best way to deal with all these papers (and not lose them) was by collecting them all inside one folder. This way, my children, and I, know that anything important will be “in the folder.” I keep my children’s eyewear prescriptions, camp information, neighborhood directory, and supplies list (they hardly change from year to year) all in one folder.

3. I usually need school information when I’m on the go – scheduling dentist appointments, picking up a child from school early – so for me it makes the most sense to have the information on my phone. I take a picture of all relevant pages for each school and save them in a dedicated album. Simple to access all in one place – works for me!


  1. I also tape my school calendars and class lists into a cabinet door, but I love the tip about taking a picture and storing it on my phone. I’m going to take pictures right now! Thanks for all the great tips and posts.

  2. Nice tips. tfs.
    You can also use velcro, if you want to be able to take the calendar/school info. off every now and then and easily be able to put it back up.


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