Here’s why women are “akeres habatis” and how we hold the power to influence our homes.

By Chaya Juravel

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In the modern world today, men and women are given equal opportunity.  Acknowledging the differences between men and women is sometimes called racism, however there are real differences both in their physical and emotional makeup.

Men are not bigger women. Men, as a whole, are less in touch with emotions, and often have less capacity to give and receive emotion. In relationship-relating to your husband as a woman or a girlfriend doesn’t work well. In order to create a strong bond between husband and wife with a lot of respect and love, this has to be acknowledged. Today husbands are often looked at as disordered or unhealthy because of their lack of emotional intelligence. The more masculine and intellectual a man is, the more it is possible that emotional intelligence will not be his strength. Of course there are exceptions to every stereotype.  

We are the keepers of relationships. We have the keys, the wisdom and understanding, to unlock the love and unity in relationship .

According to the Torah, females were given the gift of emotional intelligence . Chazal say “isha makeres baorchim,” “women know the ways of people,” and that “chachmas nashim bantza baisa,” it’s the wisdom of the women that builds her home.  We are the keepers of relationships. We have the keys, the wisdom and understanding, to unlock the love and unity in relationship . We are tasked with the job of building relationships, we are the stability of our homes, the akeres habayis.

Rabbeinu Yonah recognizes this and says that it is the women’s responsibility to make sure that there is love and peace between her and her husband…because as the sages say, children of strife are rebels and transgressors (loosely paraphrased).

The Midrash in Parashas Shmos tells about how Pharoah understood that men are ill-suited for the jobs that women do and demoralized the men of klal Yisroel by making them do women jobs. So, clearly, expecting the same of your husband as you expect of yourself while juggling family responsibilities doesn’t work.

Most women thrive on the connections experienced by talking and spending quality undistracted time with their spouses. Men may not need that. They feel connected when they are served a hot supper, when they get home and are greeted with a smile by the door, and when they have physical intimacy. So clearly, men and women have very different ways of connecting. Knowing this can save a women a lot of pain if she were to see her husband as a man and not relate to him as a women. Expecting your husband to be like you is a recipe for relationship disaster.

We women are entrusted with the precious jobs of creating a happy homes, happy children, and happy husbands, and of course our happiness is a priority too. The knowledge of how to bring out your husband’s best has been lost. Our grandmothers knew it intuitively. Today we need more guidance.

The Go4Harmony teleconference will give you the tools  and empower you to restore and enhance the love and respect in your relationship.

The quality of marriage is made up of many different little interactions.  We all experience pain in relationship. Pain is the biggest impetus for growth. With the right tools, it’s amazing how you can create connection in most of your interactions. Today parenting courses are vogue. Everyone recognizes that being more skilled and knowledgeable provides for stronger parent-child relationships. In marriage, there is also a winning recipe that creates a strong and beautiful bond between a husband and wife.

The Go4Harmony Teleconference will help you create harmony within yourself and in your home. Many women commonly ask me, “How does your marriage improve if he isn’t involved?”  The teleconference will  help YOU  become more aware of what you want in your relationship, will guide you in changing your thoughts, which in turn changes your feelings, which changes the way you respond. The way you respond is powerful. It will help you get more of what you want in your relationship.

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Missed the class? You can still hear the recording!
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Chaya Juravel

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About Chaya Juravel:

Chaya always wanted to have a very satisfying marriage with a strong emotional connection. Her aspirations led her to become a relationship coach and train by Laura Doyle (author of Surrendered Wife and more recently Empowered Wife).  She has been coaching women on how to get what they want in their relationships now for almost 5 years. When she saw what can be achieved in marriage with the right tools, she started a teleconference to make it accessible  to as many women as possible. She have been giving the teleconference since January 2017 and due to popular demand she keeps giving it! Today she’s so grateful to have a full time job as a relationship coach. Through the teleconference she has had the honor to “meet” the most incredible women who want to live life joyfully and experience their relationship fully.



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