Have you ever packed all your clothing…in a packing cube?

The hotel has been booked. The laundry is all clean and folded. The suitcases are brought out of storage. There’s no more pushing it off – it’s time to face the music! Family trips are exciting but the packing can be daunting. But there’s now something on the market that will help keep it all organized – both in the suitcase, and at your destination.

The Solution: Packing Cubes

Traveliing? Packing cubes to the rescue! These cubes are the best. No need to pack and unpack, just leave them in and pack them back up,

Packing cubes come in lots of colors and sizes, and are available from many different brands. The common features are a mesh see-through panel and a zipper closing. The goal is to pack similar items together to keep everything neatly organized; pajamas in one cube, socks in another, etc.

Which Cubes to Choose?

I chose the Amazon Basics line because of the availability of bundles of different sizes in different colors. I chose one color per family member and then ordered the sizes that were relevant to that individual. For my youngest, the largest size cube can be overkill. She only needs one – for sweatshirts, bulky sweaters, etc. But for my older kids, or for the adults, the large cubes are very useful for all sorts of clothing. I would suggest purchasing one bundle pack that includes all four sizes and play around with them to see which sizes work best for your family.

Packing Time

Is There a Way to Make Packing (and Unpacking) Easier? Yes! Have you ever packed all your clothing...in a packing cube?

When the time for packing arrives, open all the cubes for each family member on his/her bed. Pack all similar items together and don’t close the cubes until you are absolutely finished. Chances are you’ll find one last pair of socks, or the missing bathing cap, just after you thought you were done. Think outside the box, too. If your child wears a scrunchie in her hair to bed, maybe put those in her pajama cube. Once all the checklists have been marked complete and there is nothing left in their closets, simply zip up all the cubes and load them into the suitcases.

And, Of Course…Unpacking

Is There a Way to Make Packing (and Unpacking) Easier? Yes! Have you ever packed all your clothing...in a packing cube?

At your destination, each child can unpack the cubes of their color. And if you’re a bit squeamish about the insides of those hotel drawers, just leave the clothing in the cubes! Simply fold back the front flap and use them as clean “baskets” within the drawers.


  1. The cubes are awesome!!! ALSO doubles as dirty laundry holder towards the end of the trip! Just take the clean clothes out of a larger one and put all dirty in it!

  2. The one I got comes with three pouches and three cubes. I like the pouches for toiletries. The quality does not compare to these from amazon but it’s under 10 dollars for 3 cubes and 3 pouches.

  3. Now that Pesach packing is coming up (for those of us that travel) I would love to pack each child individually, but don’t want to spend a lot on individual packing bags, any good ideas? links?


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