Ice cream cones aren’t just a treat. They can also be your no-bake solution to dessert.

Sure, waffle cones are great for ice cream (did you see these cones that Renee picked up up at Wal-Mart?). But you can also use them to serve a dessert that’s customized for each of your guests…and a little more special than the typical ice cream cone.

Simply melt your chocolate and add it to the inside of the cone. You can swirl it around or use the back of a spoon to help it spread.

There are two ways to prevent drips. On one cone, we inserted some chocolate into the interior of the cone. On the other cone, we dipped the outside in chocolate and then coated it in cookie crumbs (for nut-free options, we used crushed chocolate chip or Lotus cookies).

What’s inside?

Ice cream for some…

and fruit salad for others.

This way, everyone can enjoy their refreshing summer-inspired dessert and get their sweet fix…even if they’re skipping the ice cream.




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