Want to give an item they’ll value and keep? Or match a theme? Or stay on budget? There’s a container here that’ll work for whatever your kids are giving.


If you don’t want to run around town, and instead have those kid’s Purim containers come to you (let the grocery deliver the candy, add a BCP Label, and you’re set!), you’ll find the perfect item right here.


First up is the “Keepers,” those kinds of containers that have a use, long after Purim is over.

Cold tumblers like these will be a go-to all year long (think: smoothies), or fill up a handy water bottle with your treats

(hopefully after Purim, they’ll replace that candy with actual water!).


Drawstring bags hold lots of loots, and after Purim they’re great for taking along on trips. We love these camouflage bags for boys.

These fun designs work for both boys and girls. If you want to go mini and budget-friendly, how about a colorful tote?


Want something classic and easy?


Gable Favor Boxes are both classic and budget-friendly (bonus: you don’t need so much to fill ‘em up).

This gold-and-white version will appeal to your sophisticated girls, while the younger ones might love a polka-dot version

Little boys and girls alike might love handing out these colorful boxes.


Popcorn boxes make great mishloach manos containers…and they can be used for more than just popcorn. Slip them inside a cello bag and you’ve got a great-looking and economical package. Here’s one with a Lego-look and another in pink for your princesses.


If you don’t want to be doing extra wrapping and tying and prefer something with a lid, mini neon garbage pails are cute. Or, those takeout containers always get the job done.


Need to be practical?

Disposable bento boxes are a great choice for delivering the real food (i.e. not candy) that everyone is relieved to receive.


And Kraft boxes are always so versatile and easy to style to match any look.

Galvanized buckets are also a blank slate that will let you be creative.  


Do you need your mishloach manos to match a theme?

Are your kids dressed up as little pilots or stewardesses? These little suitcases are beyond adorable.


How about a firetruck for your fireman? Or paint cans for your little painters?


Or perhaps these super budget-friendly emoji party bags for your team of emojis smiley faces.



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