It seemed obvious…so why hadn’t I ever had this idea?


At a recent family simcha, while waiting for the meal to start, my sister-in-law pulled out a huge bag with toys. Here I was, a mother of many bored kids, and I didn’t think to bring along toys. I always bring along some sort of food/snack for the kid that gets hungry, and some water to drink. But toys? Never. They’ve always entertained themselves with nothing (okay maybe with some ‘he’s stepping on my line that I’m walking on’ kind of fighting). But the toys were quite fun. Cars and Legos and little people. The kids didn’t want to stop playing.

From that day I started carrying some toy too in my diaper bag. My sister-in-law’s version of toy schlepping was too extreme for me. I didn’t want to carry such a huge bag and also I didn’t want the kids to make such a scene when playing on the floor. My solution? Keep on hand 1 or 2 small toys that take up no room, but can keep 2-3 kids busy for 10 minutes (always keep your expectations low).

Some ideas:

o Your Kids Get Bored at Family Simchas? Carry toys in your diaper bag.

A Deck of Cards

Rubik’s Cube

Pick Up Sticks

Spot It

Left Center Right

Monopoly Deal





  1. Yes! Great game ideas. For littles I bring a sandwich ziploc with a few matchbox cars. When my daughter was little in rough along Polly pockets.

  2. My aunt brings a bag of cheap prizes to every family wedding – colorful glasses and necklaces, noise makers, tiny bubbles etc. the kids all line up to get prizes and they’re busy all evening.


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