This puff paint trick will ensure each sock finds the right match


Do you have two kids – or more – who wear the same type of socks? Especially those basic plain knee socks the girls wear with their uniforms? Inevitably, they end up wearing the wrong size. Or, even worse, one of each size. Here’s a simple solution that keeps them assigned to the right child: puff paint dots!

Buy one color per relevant size. Paint one small dot on the bottom of each sock of that size. Match up the dots when sorting the socks. Done! (You might want to flatten the dot so that it doesn’t hurt when they step down on the dot).

The reason it’s best to stick with a color per size, rather than per child, is for when your child grows to the next size, you’ll know which one is which. When I find a sock I like, I tend to stick with the same one from year to year. If they’re not labeled, we struggle with matching up the new, bigger sized ones until the smaller ones leave circulation.  I’d also say they could be used for hand-me-downs, but honestly – our socks don’t last long enough to be handed down.



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