It’s showtime! Simply hang the curtains and let your kids entertain and be entertained.


We all know some of those kids who love to perform. Skits, dances, gymnastics shows, choirs – they just love to shine in the spotlight. They practice and pull together just the right costumes and props. Maybe they even create backdrops.


Want to add some excitement and drama to their drama? Create a set of theater curtains and any doorway becomes their stage!

All it takes is a shower curtain tension rod (This one is good for smaller doorways and this one for larger doorways) and a set of lightweight curtain panels like these fabulous velvet ones or these more affordable ones. And when the standing ovation is over – simply slide the panels off the rod, fold them up and put them away until the next curtain call.


  1. oooooh. i love my brooklyn basement with its exposed pipes running along the ceiling. We have multiple sets of curtains. Sorry suburbanites – there are some perks to old NYC homes…


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