Keep the “Are We There Yet?” refrains away with these games you can play while on the road.


The ABC game

Every player must find each consecutive letter of the alphabet on a sign along the way. To make it a little easier, you can allow license plates to be included as well.

Keep the “Are We There Yet?” refrains away with these games you can play while on the road.PDQ (based on this card game)

This game works in states where the license plate format includes a string of three letters. Using the three letters from the license plate in front of you, try to form a word that starts with the first letter, ends with the last letter and includes the middle letter. You can also reverse the letters. Words must be a minimum of four letters long. Exception: When there is an X at the beginning or end, you may add an E before the X.

Ex. 1. RDF—roundoff  2. ENO—orange (reversed)  3. XME—example (added E)

Finish The Phrase

Establish an order of players. (You might want to use some strategy when dealing with younger children to feed them easier phrases.) First player says a word. Second player must take that word and add another word to make it into a phrase. The word can be added before or after the original word. The following player takes the new word and adds another word to again create a new phrase. Words cannot be repeated throughout the course of the game. First to repeat a word is out. Example: Player 1—apple. Player 2—(Apple)sauce. Player 3—(Sauce)Pan. Player 4—(Pan)Cake. Player 5—Sponge(Cake).


Geography Game

Keep the “Are We There Yet?” refrains away with these games you can play while on the road.First player says the name of a geographical location. Any city, state, country, region— anything you’d find on a map. The next player must name a location starting with the last letter of the previous location. Ex. Player 1. Maryland 2. Denmark 3. Kalamazoo  (Don’t fall into the A trap….)

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