Yes, it’s a magic cure. It’s also very pesky to remember to give your child that twice-a-day dosage. Here’s a hack to make it happen.


By Ella Rosenberg


When I was in high school, the school hosted a mother-daughter brunch every year. At my last brunch in 12th grade, the school guidance counselor cracked a joke we didn’t get.

“To the mothers of our senior class,” she said. “Getting here compares to having your child finish their antibiotics without skipping a day. What an accomplishment to celebrate.”

I get it now Mrs. Kazman!

Although we hope our children will always be healthy, reality has proven that we need to avail ourselves of modern medicine.

For the times in life when we do need to administer antibiotics, I’d like to thank my friend Bryna for this hack. As the medicine bottle enters my home, I label the bottle as seen in the image below.

Write the names of each day your child needs medication, followed by a column of AM  boxes to check off, and a column for the PM boxes.

This is especially helpful if more than one child is on antibiotics at once.

No longer will you have to retrace your steps or recount those pills, you’ll no longer ponder “wait, did I give you your medicine yet?!”

Simply inform any adult who’s administering the dose that day to check off the appropriate boxes to avoid double dosing. If you’re child is old enough to be in charge they will feel very responsible using this method.

Wishing all BCP readers a very healthy winter.

May Hashem keep all His children healthy.

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To buy ready-made labels click here.

About Ella:

Ella is a mom of three boys. Read her post on tips for new moms here.


  1. The pharmacies should do that!!!! What I do is ask the pharmacy for covers to the droppers and if I am going away for the weekend i take exact doses so I don’t need to schlep the whole bottle and I don’t forget it in the fridge of where I am going to!


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