If you’re sending your child off to camp for the first time, it’s hard to imagine all the things they’ll need once they’re away from home.

If seemed like we were spending a fortune for someone else to host our children for 4 weeks…but that’s even before we started camp shopping! Oh boy, the list was endless! It seemed like it cost more money to buy the stuff our kids needed for camp than for camp itself.

We put together a list of ideas that our kids have taken to sleepaway camp over the years…aside from clothing (everyone can use their own judgement as to how many skirts/tops [girls], shorts/t-shirts [boys], undergarments, socks/stockings, shoes, pajamas, and Shabbos outfits your child needs.)

Note: We didn’t buy all this the first year. Over the years we’ve collected these items and they get used year after year, and passed down to siblings. You may also want to speak to someone that went to the same camp that your child is attending, as kids in different camps have different needs.  Also, this list is as generous as they come (and combines the ideas from multiple families). Use your discretion and take whatever ideas here you feel are important. Some children need more than others. Have fun shopping! And once they leave, enjoy reading some good summer books. Or, if you’re feeling homesick (even though you’re not the one that’s away), you may enjoy reading this one.

*Labels! An essential if you don’t want all the stuff you just shopped for the end up in the lost and found. Label Land has lots of great (and really cute) options. There’s even labels for shoes. Plus use our exclusive coupon code for summer 2018: 15FORU to save 15% off your order! Some of our favorites include:

Iron-on labels

Stick on labels for camp.

Stick and wear labels. These are great for items that are difficult to iron, like bathing suits. These are super convenient and they do not come off!

Stick on labels for camp.

Classic assorted labels are great for all non-clothing item…all the “stuff.” They’re waterproof and microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Stick on labels for camp.


*2 soft trunks.

best soft trunk for camp.For one great option, click here. There’s also this lower-priced option here.

*Plastic Drawers or Containers

Whether drawers or containers is better depends on the layout of the camp room. Some girls prefer to have colored drawers like these, rather than clear, so that they’re not see-through. You can also buy stackable drawers like these that pack easier in a duffle bag.

*Mini Drawers

A neat way to keep their letters, stamps, pens, canteen card, small change, camera, and other little items they have in camp. These fits right onto a shelf. You can easily find these for $3-4 at closeout stores.

Bed & Bath:

*Towels—2 bath towels,  2 hand towels/washcloths.

You can find  a set of everything they’ll need here.   

*Shower Caddy

*Linen—When I buy new linens for my kid’s rooms, I put aside the old linens for camp. Keep that linen stored with the camp essentials from year to year, packed away with the covers in  Ziploc Space Saver Bags so they take up less space.  

You can also find some fun linens for as low as $17.99 (or less with current sale) at H&M online. Walmart also sells complete bedding sets that are also inexpensive like this one

or this one.

*Laundry bag    

*Mesh bags—For sending stockings/socks  or underwear to the laundromat in camp.

*Three in One Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash – better chance the kids will actually use it.



*Collapsible Folding Chair—You can buy this for $5 at Five Below. This is what they look like this.


*Flashlight/ with batteries

*Stamps, envelopes, cards to write letters, pens  

(Stationery sets like this one for girls

or this for boys makes it easy to write home).

*Photos of the family; painters tape to hang them up

*Books—Don’t send more than 2-3 as they won’t have much time to read

*Hair appliances—blow dryer/ hair iron


*Clip on Fan

*Staff Member: Phone, travel iron



Personal Care:

*Brush/Shabbos brush

*Ponytail holders/bobby pins


*Toothbrush, toothbrush container

*Plastic cup for rinsing

*Hand Soap/Purell



*After Bite





*Body Wash

*Safety pins/sewing kit/eyeglasses kit

*Tissue Box

*Feminine products

*Staff Member: Laundry pods


*Space saving skirt hangers

*Bathing suits

*Bathing cap

*Sweatshirt (H&M carries great sweatshirts without logos. For kids sizes click here. For Girls ages 12 and up click here.)

*Flip flops for shower

*1-2 outfits they can ruin (tell your daughter which one it is!)

*Sneaker/shoe for Tisha B’Av


*Rain Jacket/Poncho (especially for Shabbos)

Food Ideas:

We don’t want to send our kids off with just junk. Here are some options that are good to have on hand if they skip a camp meal.

*Beef Jerky

*Salsa and Tortilla chips – buy smallest jars possible so they can be finished same day

*Jar of pickles

*Cans of Israeli pickles

*Hearts of palm – Make sure it’s the pull and open cans.

*Granola Bars

*Noodle Soups—Some camps don’t let kids get hot water

*Cereal—1-2 boxes is enough for 4 weeks.

*Water bottles—You can ship directly from Amazon to camp.

*Healthy fruit leather

*Yellow croutons—for Friday night soup

*Gum or small candies

*Some snack bags


Did we miss something? Leave us a comment below.


  1. My girls like taking an over the door shoe pocket thingie. in their camp ea girl has their own closet and its easier to find their shoes this way

  2. Rain-boots! It rains plenty over the summer and in camp kids walk from place o place with puddles all around, rain boots keep feet dry and avoid ruining shoes. Target often has fun ones for good prices.

  3. Also cheap dryer sheets can be put between clothes both when packed and on the shelf in order to keep the clothes smelling clean and avoid the musty “camp” smell.


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