Stay organized and plan each week effortlessly with this Shabbos menu template and download.


We know. Your Shabbat menu is scribbled on back of an invitation. There’s not much room there for planning when you’ll do what or what you need to add to your shopping list.

Now, with this menu organizer, you can make your menu, and then even plan what you’ll take care of on each day of the week. By the time Friday arrives, prep will be a breeze.

As you add each dish to your list, take stock of what ingredients you have and don’t have so you know exactly which items need to go on the shopping list.

You can print this out each week by clicking here to download, or order this notepad on Zazzle so you can simply fill out and tear off a sheet each week (there’s enough sheets for almost the whole year!).


What can you do for Shabbos on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday? Plan a menu, invite guests, make a dip, make salad dressings, bake cookies, or a freezer-friendly dessert.


What should you do if you want to plan ahead, but don’t know if you’re having guests or not? Plan some additional “maybe” dishes on your menu so if you do have guests at the last minute, you know exactly which extra items you need to shop for and prep.



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