You’ll be so happy these sandwiches are ready in the freezer anytime you’re in a rush.


Leah: My mother saw these frozen sandwiches in my sister Miriam’s freezer. She took a picture and sent it to my family saying, “Look how organized Miriam is.” That reminded me! I used to do this when my kids were little and I lived in Israel. Today, my sister buys 2 loaves of bread on a Sunday and stocks her freezer. I wanted to feature it on Between Carpools, so I told Renee Muller the idea and she prepared the sandwiches and styled it for the next Between Carpools photoshoot.

Victoria: On one photoshoot day, I arrived at Renee Muller house with whatever I had brought along to be photographed. It was in the middle of the day and Renee, Esti, and Leah had already finished up some photos. I had brought along the ices we featured in this ice pop hack, so I opened up Renee’s freezer to stick them in there. And then I saw a tin full of frozen sandwiches, all neatly sliced and packaged, waiting in her freezer for little hands to grab. I was very intimidated. She’s so organized!

Leah: Ha, ha. Victoria didn’t know that those sandwiches were prepared special for the photoshoot! We had already photographed them when Victoria arrived.  

Victoria: Yeah, I was totally fooled…until Esti sent us all the photos we had gotten done that day. And there were the sandwiches. But I wasn’t the only one! Rochie Pinson, who was featured in this post, also passed by that day. And she also opened the freezer at one point and saw the sandwiches. And she also could not get over how organized Renee is.

So you see? Frozen sandwiches is totally the sign of an organized mom. And here’s how Miriam makes them…

Start with the freshest loaves of white bread possible (lots of local supermarkets bake white bread daily).

Bring butter, peanut butter, or cream cheese (or even chocolate spread – common in Israel) to room temperature. The spread need to easily smearable as the bread is very soft

Prepare an entire loaf of sandwiches.

Cut sandwiches in different ways so you can differentiate. Buttered sandwiches can be cut in triangles, cream cream into rectangles…or whatever makes sense.

Place each sandwich in a sandwich bag and fold over or tie (the Israeli style sandwich bags are longer for tying). Freeze.

Pull out when kids need to take a sandwich along with them for lunch. Sandwiches take 15-20 minutes to defrost.

There you have it! Fresh delicious sandwiches ready for school or anytime.



  1. This is so funny! I really was blown away by how organized Renee is… But I’m still not convinced she doesn’t do this anyways… I saw the rest of her house, pre frozen sandwiches make perfect sense!

  2. Been doing this for a while. I put them in a ziplock bag and just pull out one everyday and put in briefcase… we just do cream cheese…

  3. I also make small baggies of cut up- ready to grab brownie. Or cookies. I stick them in the freezer and grab one when I prepare my husbands lunch. Now with these prepared sandwiches- we’re totally ready to roll!

  4. I have been doing this for years and I’m not the super organized type. I got the idea from the smuckers uncrustables frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My kids don’t like jelly so I prepare a loaf of rye bread with either cream cheese or peanut butter.

  5. Frozen sandwiches bothered me… I feel like they get mushy when they defrost..? but I buy fresh bagels, slice them and put them in individual snack bags; adding the spread is very quick when it’s presliced. Also when freezing loaves of bread I give the loaf a little shake to separate the slices before I put them in the freezer. It’s much easier to pull off a couple of slices that way.

  6. To freeze tuna fish sandwiches, prepare the tuna with a “salad-dressing” binder such as Miracle whip rather than mayonnaise, as the mayo tends to separate when frozen. Spread a thin layer of Margarine or butter (I use smart balance) on the bread before topping with tuna. This will prevent the bread from getting soggy.


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