Some rashes are more stubborn than the most powerful diaper rash cream. This is what works.


For most babies, Balmex and Desitin really does the job and quickly clears up the standard diaper rash. Sometimes, though, diaper rash is more stubborn. These persistent types of rashes might appear when your baby is teething, or if there’s a dairy allergy.

Of course, first try the standard route. Change the diaper extra often, making sure it’s always dry, adding new diaper rash cream with each change.

When the standard route doesn’t work, though, this may be your answer. Note that if the rash is pimply, this will not work. Of course, first discuss with your doctor when trying any new treatment.  

Diaper Rash Cream Recipe:

One Part Balmex + One Part Bactriban/Mupirocin/Bacitracin + One Part Acquafore

Note that Bactriban is available by prescription only, but Bacitracin is the over the counter version. Mupirocin is the generic name.

Mix and apply; change your baby often as you usually would when treating any diaper rash.



  1. Thank you for this post! For yeast related rashes, French Green Clay Powder (in powder form, carried in pharmacies and on amazon) works incredibly well. We used it on our kids when all other creams failed.


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