Classics are great, but sometimes a game you’ve never played before offers a different excitement. I surveyed today’s kids on what they love.

Winter is here and with it come those long Friday nights. I don’t know about you, but our family loves to play board games on those cozy nights. Sometimes it’s a classic like Rummikub and sometimes we go for something more current. Motzei Shabbos is also a great time to play with cousins and friends who are on the same level.  I asked for suggestions from all the kids in my life and these are the current board games that were recommended:

Ticket to Ride



Labyrinth (good for a wide age range)

Escape (not for Shabbos)

Gravity Maze (single player—one of the harder ones and good for teens)

5 Second Rule (just about every age can play—very quick and fun)


Catan (teens)

I’d love to hear about some of your family favorites. We’re always looking to update our games closet!

To read about Victoria’s favorite classic games she plays with her kids, see this post.

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