Laugh and enjoy the best family game time

Need a game idea for your Chanukah party? These will have everyone laughing…and you might get to know each other even better too.

Chanukah Family Game ideas. Try this Ice Bucket Game.Ice Bucket Game

Place two buckets on the table. Fill one with jelly beans and one with water and ice.  Have each player take as many jelly beans from the bucket as they’d like and then count them.

Prepare a list of categories and numbers in advance.

Examples would be:

“5 local grocery stores”

“6 popular musicians” or

“9 of Bobby’s grandkids.”  

Each player is then required to provide the answers to the question while his hand is submerged in the ice water. And the number of jelly beans is the number of turns each person gets—so the greedy ones suffer the most!


The Winning Housekeeper Game

Chanukah Game Ideas on Between Carpools. A lifestyle site for the busy Jewish woman.This game works well for a ladies’ party. Have each participant place a dollar in the pot. Each player receives a balloon (make sure they are all the same size). Ask a list of yes and no questions about housekeeping.

Every time a player answers “yes,” they puff into their balloon. Every time they answer “no,” they let a little air out.

Some sample questions:

“Do you make your bed daily?” or “Do you always make sure there are no dishes in the sink before you go to bed?”

When all the questions have been answered, the player with the smallest balloon gets all the money in the pot—to pay for cleaning help!

How Well Do You Know Your Family?

This quick game is great for a large extended family gathering.

Every family member is represented by a number (explain how the numbers work, but don’t announce each individual’s numbers).

The oldest is 1; the second is 2.

The oldest child of 1 is 1,1. The third child of 2 is 2,3.

The third generation would be 1,2,1 (Oldest child, Second Child, First Child).

Once everyone understands how the numbers are assigned, hand everyone a sheet of paper and pen.

Read through a list of family members names. Example: Goldy Rosenberg, Uncle Shmuel…have everyone write down each family member’s “number.”

The person that gets the list completely correct wins!

Sock Memory

Chanukah Fun Sock Game

You’ll need: A table and a pair of colorful socks per person (no duplicate pairs)

Have everyone sit around a table. Place all the socks in a dark-colored basket. Each person selects 2 socks, making sure no one else sees what they picked. Every person playing should place a sock on each hand, keeping the hands under the table.

Going around the table, each person takes turns playing “sock memory.”

For example: Chaya can you pick up your left hand? Yossi, pick up your right.

If it’s a match you keep the pair of socks.

The winner is the one with the most matches.

Days-of-the-Week Auction

Prepare small gifts related to each day of the week.

For example:

Sunday—Frozen Pizza
Monday—Iced Coffee and a Mug
Tuesday—a bottle of Niagara spray starch
Wednesday—a Pad and Pen; Swedish fish (for fish order)
Thursday—2 potatoes and a peeler
Friday—Windex and paper towels

Keep the prizes hidden.

Ask questions related to each day of the week.


Do you buy your fish on Wednesday?

Do you serve dairy on Tuesday?

Do you take a Shabbos nap?

Everyone receives fake dollars or points for their “yes” answers. Then the bidding begins! Everyone can bid for a specific day’s prize (one day at a time) and they don’t know what they are bidding for! Highest bidder for each day gets the prize!



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