It’s not only about the furniture. These 8 super useful Ikea household items are also a bargain.


So, we’ve made our little obsession with Ikea pretty clear in the past. It’s been a while since we’ve shared some of our favorites, so here we go:


Let’s start with their handy dandy little tool kit. It includes every basic tool you need for little tasks around the house in one compact little case. And at the crazy low price, you can keep one on each floor of the house!


And to go with the tool kit, Ikea tape measures are less than a dollar. Get a handful and never have to search again.


Shoe trees are great for holding the shape of most mens’ shoes and Ikea has them for under a dollar a pair. What?!

Now we’ll head back to the kitchen because that’s where we spend most of our time. First up are these great Variera drawer liners. They’re plastic so they can be washed clean very easily and the non-slip grippy bubbles make sure they stay put. No sticky adhesives needed – just cut and place for simple protection of your drawers.


These don’t seem to be available online from Ikea, but Amazon does have them, albeit at a crazily inflated price.


And once you’ve lined your drawers, you can fill them with some of Ikea’s great basic kitchen utensils. They are very well priced and there’s also some unique pieces. I particularly like the one that’s a cross between a ladle and a spatula – perfect for scooping portions of any saucy dish. They call it a wok turner, but so far, there’s no wok in my house!  

The coated tongs are also great to use with my nonstick pans.


Do your kids love ices in the summer? All year? (In my house, there is always ices in the freezer. There are more options in summer, but there must always be some in the freezer.) If you want to make healthier treats yourself, these silicone push pop holders are the way to go. Easy to clean and available in fun colors, they’re affordable enough that if a couple of them get lost, it’s not a big deal. I also like that they are not part of an attached set so you can fill as many of them as you’d like at any time.


And then there are the (not) Ziploc bags. Ikea has their own line of resealable bags in different sizes. What’s unique about these is that each box has two sizes so you can have more sizes without taking up valuable real estate in your drawers. And the sizes are color coded so it’s easier to tell a kid – please bring me a yellow bag  – than it is to explain what a quart size bag is.


Before our next trip, why don’t you share with us what some of your Ikea favorites are? We’re always looking for more fun finds!

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