Your kids come home from school, and they absolutely need to know how to fold an origami star, the latest trend at school. Mom has no clue. We’ve got your back.


Trends come and go so fast we moms have a hard time keeping up. Remember the fidgit spinners? Yeah, we’ve still got a couple hanging around the house and no one cares to touch them. (We wrote about them here.)

So what’s new? Seems every kid on the bus and in school is making these origami pinwheels. Here at BCP, we take these trends seriously. Okay, we don’t. But we know what it feels like when our kids want to do what everyone else is doing and we have no idea what they are talking about. So we’re here to help.  

If this trend didn’t hit your child’s school yet, then you can show your child how to do this. They’ll be the first one…and every kid loves that. (And the best part…you don’t need to buy anything.)


Thanks for the S. kids for modeling and teaching us how to fold the origami star.  


You can make this with any paper that’s a square. Huge ones can be made with 8 x 11 paper cut down to a square, and mini ones are made from post-it notes.


Here we are demonstrating the basic sticky note version. Have fun!


How to Fold an Origami Star

How to Fold an Origami Star and Be on Trend with the KidsYou will need eight single sticky notes.Start by folding each sticky note in half and then in half again to form a square.Open the note back up; you will now have lines crossing each other to guide you.Fold over the two corners onto the sticky side to form a triangle on top. The corners should meet in the middle.

Fold the triangle back. The side with the seam should be facing up towards you.

Fold it in half on the seam to form a smaller square. Prepare all 8 notes the same way, You should now have 8 pieces of paper shaped this way.


Now hold your little square from the bottom and pull the triangle up. As the triangle pulls upwards, it will bring down the other corner, transforming the square into a diamond shape.  

Now comes the time to you attach all the pieces together.

Stick the point of one piece into the tail end of another piece.

There will be a small piece of the first piece’s tail end sticking out. Fold those over and tuck them into the second piece’s tail end. Press down well and make sure the flaps are tight and secure.  

Now they’re attached. Continue attaching all 8 pieces this way.

Once your circle is formed, you’ll see that you’ll be able to push the sides in and out. When both sides are pushed in, they form the star!

Aren’t these fun? Do you like those cute teeny ones?

How to Fold an Origami Star and Be on Trend with the Kids Mini hands can try their hand at creating mini stars. Just cut a post it note into 4 squares. Big hands (aka parents) should skip this, we tried, and it’s beyond us.



  1. Rolling! my boys r all busy with these but I had no clue it’s a trend! thought something their friends taught them! u learn new things every day!


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