So, do you think we chose the right name?  


So how do we do it? Like everything else, Between Carpools.


We really needed to discuss a couple of pressing issues regarding upcoming posts. What time would everyone be available? We’d need to fit in a conference call somewhere between 12 and 3. At 2:45 we established that 2:55 was that magic time. I checked out of Target and loaded my car with one minute to spare. Score!


By 2:57 we were all tuned in. As we discussed the business at hand, Renee said she would be leaving briefly to get her son from preschool. We then heard Victoria telling her daughter, as she was buckling her in at the school carpool lane, that Mommy was on the phone with her friends. I turned onto my block and had to wait to pull into my driveway because it was blocked by a mom picking up her child from the playgroup next door. And then I waited for my daughter’s bus in the driveway and had to mute for a few minutes while we got caught up on her day. This all took place while Leah was driving to her son’s school to pick him up and while Shaindy just got back from the carpool of the day.


So, sometimes we have glamorous meetings with yogurt bars and cappuccinos. And sometimes we have them in our minivans (or SUVs in Victoria’s case), between carpools.

Illustration by Esty Barker  @esti_barker

Want to know a little bit more about “the team” Checkout this post. 



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