Morning or night, pastrami makes a perfect meal. And here’s my fav ways to enjoy it.

My friends always lovingly, of course, laugh at me that I can eat anything fleishigs at 11 a.m., especially when pastrami is involved. Don’t you agree that it’s perfect for brunch? There’s something so comforting about a tender, slow cooked, hot pastrami. Anytime, any given day.

How to Cook Navel Pastrami

If you are wondering why I love pastrami so much you are probably cooking yours wrong. So, let me teach you a valuable lesson in pastrami prep.

There are many kinds of pastrami.  

Pastrami Cold Cuts

The classic type we’re all most familiar with are cold cuts, i.e. sliced pastrami that you buy at the deli counter. It makes for a great sandwich if you treat it right, but that’s a lesson for another time.

Pastrami Roasts

The second kind of pastrami is an item that butchers started selling a few years ago. It’s a brisket that’s covered in a pastrami seasoning. You purchase the meat raw and you cook it as you would cook a corned beef, or bake it in the oven covered in water for 3 hours. You can also cook it in a bag in the Crock-Pot with water for 6 hours on low. Preferably you should buy second cut if using this last cooking method.

Navel Pastrami
Now for the version I prefer (and the one featured in the photos): Navel Pastrami. It’s fatty. It’s what pastrami was meant to be.

Navel Pastrami (such as the one sold by Meal Mart) comes in a cooking bag and is actually pre-cooked. Some stores cut the 4 pound navel pastrami into 4-5 chunks and sell each chunk individually in a vacuum-sealed bag. Many people place a small chunk of navel pastrami directly into the cholent. I prefer keeping it in the cooking bag (or vacuum-sealed bag) so that the cholent doesn’t get all that fat.

How to Prepare Navel Pastrami

I learned the best trick for preparing navel pastrami from my new sister-in-law’s mother.

How to cook Navel Pastrami. Meal Mart makes a pastrami in a bag that is awesome. See the best way to prepare navel pastrami here on betweencarpools.comPlace a small aluminum pan upside down into the slow cooker bowl. Place the navel pastrami right on top. Fill up the sides with cold water, just barely touching the pastrami bag. You don’t want the pastrami to sit in the water. The purpose of the water is to “steam” the pastrami (the navel pastrami is pre-cooked). Cover and place on low heat overnight. When ready to serve, remove from bag, discard any juice that accumulated in bag, cut into chunks, and serve with coleslaw and mustard.

When using a large pastrami, use a round aluminum or loaf pan on the bottom of a standard-sized slow cooker. When using a smaller chunk, you can steam it in a smaller slow cooker alongside your big one and serve on Shabbos morning.

How to Cook Navel Pastrami

Use a knife and cut chunks (it won’t cut into pretty thin slices). You don’t need any glaze over it; just plain and simple is the way to go.

Want to serve this for dinner? Buy fresh baguettes and serve with lettuce, tomatoes, coleslaw, mustard, and pickles and let everyone make their own sandwich. Serve it with some onion rings and it’s a perfect special meal.

ps. You will love these great slow cooker dinner ideas.


  1. I always wondered why sometimes the pastrami was better than others. Now I know. Been buying the wrong piece. Great article!! Thank you!! Think my next stop is walmart for an additional croc pot 🙂

    • I put mine up on Friday morning (or any morning, on a day that I know I will be out until late but want to return home to a delicious ready to eat dinner). Just make sure you have at least 12 hours in the crockpot


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