Before you can even start the deep Pesach cleaning, the room needs to be tidy. So how do you get the basic tidying done quickly so you can move onto your Pesach work? This is the little trick that works for me.


By Yocheved Gluckman


We’ve all likened our houses to “tornadoes” at some point, but what can we do? Most of us Jewish mothers have tons to do at every minute of the day. It seems there’s more tasks than hours of the day! So how do we keep our house clean?

Over the years, I have learned a very easy, and meaningful tip on how to tidy up room per room in a jiffy and to get my house clean and neat in a very short time. It’s also an enjoyable trick to teach the kids.

1. Walk into the room. (The messier, the more fun, if I may say so). Do not walk out of that room before it is done.

2. Begin cleaning up the room, putting things away where they go, while creating 3 “Pyramids.” The Pyramids are things that go outside of the current room.


Pyramid #1: Dirty Laundry

Pyramid #2: Garbage

Pyramid #3: Articles that belong in other rooms


By not leaving the room to put these, into their proper places we are saving tons of precious time. Rather have a neat and tidy room and then, you end up with only 3 run-arounds.


  1. Now you can leave the room. Go once to the garbage! Once to the hamper! One walk around the house to return everything else to its place! No need to feel like a chicken without its head! Everything arrives back in its place, with a calm and collected mommy and kids.


Happy tidying and enjoy your pre-Pesach journey!

About Yocheved:

I am a mother of 7 under 12 years old. I live in a very humble apartment in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. I try to maintain a happy, calm, loving environment for my kids and encourage them to live by learning and growing through each other!



  1. I like this idea. Here are some other ideas:

    1. ‘Divide and conquer’ by picking object categories. I usually start by picking out the biggest objects (large stuffed animals, blankets, big toys). Then I do step 2 below…

    2. On a smooth (hard or low carpet) floor you can sweep the mess into a huge pile, so sorting out blocks and mixed stuff is easier – you’re in one place and not bending down or going back and forth multiple times.

    It gets easier to pick out the ‘categories’ of items when it’s all in one centralized pile. As the pile shrinks, you sweep it into a smaller and smaller pile.

    It even helps my kids join in!


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