School’s out…and nothing keeps kids busy during downtime like a good book. We’ve got book reviews for kids…(and more for teens and adults coming too!)

Reviews by Y. Berman

We’re excited to bring you a new feature in time for summer. Y. Berman is a high school senior who will be writing book reviews in two categories—books for young readers and teen/adult fiction. Some are old and some are new, but all will be books that our reviewer enjoyed. As a bonus, Between Carpools staff will be adding a review of a picture book for our youngest fans. And, as usual, we invite you to comment with some of your favorites and we’ll see if they make the cut for the Between Carpools recommended reading list!

Bullied by Y. Kormornick (published by Adir Press)

When my sister handed me this book and told me to read it, I was quite skeptical. A book called “Bullied”? Really? It had to be another typical mushy novel. And then I read it. And it was another mushy novel. But…it was good. The characters were realistic. Topics are presented—in a sensitive manner—which would be carefully avoided in most of today’s Jewish fiction and the point of view was completely unique. Apparently, some books really can’t be judged by their covers.

Baker’s Dozen (series of 17 books) created by Miriam Zakon (published by Targum Press)

These books are timeless. I enjoyed them when I was 6 and I will still read them on occasion today. What’s the secret behind this great series? The completely true-to-life description of the almost-normal lives of a family with 12 children (including quintuplets!) and the total hilarity of some of the scenes combine to make an engaging read for children of all ages.  Bonus point: 17 books will keep your kids occupied for several weeks.

Rina’s Rainy Day by Chani Altein (published by Hachai)

A well written and charmingly illustrated (by Jerry Blackman) story of a little girl who learns that everything truly is for the best. The rhyming verse is on point and fun to read – with just the right amount of words to satisfy both the reader and the listener.

P.S.  Here are some of our must reads for adults. Click here and here.


    • The 3 in 1 books are out of print as well. Really looking for the first one… Not willing to pend more than $40 though


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