It only takes a few minutes to pamper yourself and have skin that looks and feels great.

Full disclosure: I enjoy spending a few pampering moments washing off the day off my face. You know, long days, smog, chaos, an occasional crayon mark, a sticky lollipop cheek/kiss, and the trademark meatball sauce. Mom face. We all know what we look like come 11 pm. Those few minutes before bed can be sacred. You might be completely falling asleep while brushing your teeth, but please try to pull through. Because what comes next can be like a mini vacation, every day. Indulge in the routine called “skincare,” and you will see (get ready, serious cliche coming up) your skin will thank you (you were warned).

But mostly, there is something so soothing about a routine, a bit of pampering, (with the right products, of course) before the end of the day. It makes me feel like a responsible adult, one that cares for herself, no matter how tired.

One of my fondest childhood memories is kissing my mother good night, on her soft cheek that smelled of luxurious night cream.

Take good care of yourself, so that you can take good care of others. My advice, from one mom to another.

I got hooked on these Olay Facial Cloths after a guest writer on BCP wrote about them. True, they are really practical when traveling (they’re dry, just add water. Take only one at the time etc.) but even more so, they really do a great job removing all makeup, eye makeup included. I take one into the shower and it works great for me. There’s enough texture so that you can choose to really scrub your face, or only gently massage.


This Eve Lom Cleanser is something to look forward to. Rub it into your face (after you removed heavy makeup residue with the Olay Facial Cloths) and take a moment to massage your skin. Use the muslin cloth to remove the cleanser.

I really like the muslin cloth because the results are neat and thorough. No more splashing water aimlessly trying to remove soap from a surface called your face.

You can purchase additional muslin cloths.


From time to time (like, twice a week) I enjoy giving my face a deeper peel, using this incredible Pumpkin Enzyme Mask by Peter Thomas Roth This is the first mask that actually feels like “its doing something.” Super pampering as well. It smells like pumpkin pie but don’t be fooled, this stuff really gets the job done.


Winter is really harsh on my skin, but since started using  this Skin Nourishing Oil  it really feels like I am giving my face what it needs after a long day. And after a good cleaning.

You will notice a glow immediately. And it smells so wonderful!! Simply delicious.

Please note that if your skin is naturally oily, you will find this product too greasy. I myself only use it in winter.



I used to spend so much money on facial moisturizers. But not anymore. My pediatrician recommended using Cerave when I complained to him that my eyelids were scaling and dry, and now, I only use that. It is the best cream out there. I use it on face, body, and hands, kids and adults alike. Nothing beats it. Get a jar today and see for yourself. The entire family will benefit.




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