Bring the outdoors in with this easy-to-create Sukkah decor.


Seriously now, who has time for homemade Sukkah decorations?

You do.

These Sukkah decorations are so easy to put together yourself. Really.

I know how busy you are this Yom Tov season, because, so am I. We are all scrambling to get our freezers stocked, our closets changed, and our schedules readjusted. All between carpools. Yet, come every Succos, I like to add “something new” to our beautiful outdoor home. I too try to make it quick and easy, sometimes the kids help out and get really into it, sometimes it is just the hot glue and me. Last year I added these hanging birds and butterfly ‘nests’ (see a photo of my Sukkah, at the end of this post). They were a huge hit. I figured I’d show you how it’s done.

As I was pulling out these items necessary to demonstrate a step by step ‘how to,’ I heard Esti Waldman’s semi groan. It said who-has-time-for-arts-and-crafts-in-this- super-busy-yom-tov-season. I decided not to say anything and keep working on my nest.  By the time we were done (exactly 2 minutes later) Esti was sold.

“Michaels, you said?”


“Mmmm, these will look great in my garden themed Sukkah.”

Don’t forget to say hi when you meet Esti at Michael’s next week.


The Sukkah Decorations You DO Have Time to CreateHere is what you will need:

  1. Moss
  2. Hot glue gun and scissors
  3. Clear elastic string
  4. Butterflies
  5. Birds
  6. Hanging ball, bird’s nest, and bird on a twig roll  

The Sukkah Decorations That you can make by yourself

For the hanging ball:

Start by opening the twigs a bit, enough so that you can squeeze your hand through. Place a bit of moss at the bottom of the ball. Next, place a bird’s nest or a small bird on top of the moss.  

Sukkah Decorations on

Clip on a big bird on the outside of the the ball. Use a bit of hot glue to attach a butterfly (or more) to the ball. I only attached two butterflies to this ball, but I usually like to fill them up more. It’s up to you.

Sukkah Decorations on crafts by Michaels

Run a clear elastic string through the top of the ball (you will find these next to the beads and necklace aisles, they are called Stretch Magic. They come in different thicknesses, try to get something in the middle, about 1 mm).

DIY Succah Decorations. Succos by betweencarpools.comYour ball is now ready to be hung in your Sukkah. See? Eazy shmeezy. And so pretty.


Bring the outdoors in with this easy-to-create Sukkah decor

For the hanging birds nest:

Place some moss over the birds nest. Top with birds of your choice. You can also add butterflies if you like, it’s up to you.

Bring the outdoors in with this easy-to-create Sukkah decor that is so easy to make!succah8To hang, you will need to make sure you balance the nest. In order to to that, run a thread of elastic string from all four sides, so that once you hold them all up, the nest will be balanced.


DIY sukkah Decor. Succos Decorations DIYTo create the bird on a twig:


Squeeze some hot glue on both sides of the twig. Top with some moss. Once moss is dry clip a bird onto it.  Run a clear elastic string through the roll of twigs. Your creation is ready to be hung.


Bring the outdoors in with this easy-to-create Sukkah decor that is so easy to make! Succos fun!And here’s a picture of my Sukkah, with nests hanging. Gut Yom Tov!

sukkah decorations by Renee Muller Our Table


    • I believe this particular one is 12 inches in diameter, but they come in all sizes (6, 9..) I like to use different sizes. Like, two large ones and three smaller ones.

  1. This came out gorgeous and really enhanced our YT – I made it together w my 10 year old daughter – great bonding experience 🙂


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