You know there’s great deals there, but they’re always hard to find. Not anymore.


By Rachel Jaeger

Aliexpress is one of my favorite websites. It’s the place I order my children’s Shabbos clothes, weekday outfits, jewelry, home goods, and even my sheitel!

I am often complimented on something I bought from Aliexpress. When I divulge the secret of where it’s from, I usually get a response like, “Cool, but how do you shop there?” or “I can’t find anything whenever I look!”

Here are some tips for getting the goods you want from Aliexpress.

My most important trick is…

  1. Start off your shopping spree from AliExpress with a lead.

Get a link from a friend or use my website When you start with something that you like, you can use it as a springboard to find similar style things.


Either by using the “add to cart” trick or by looking at the ideas on the bottom of the page.


The “Add to Cart” Trick:

A Find the product you like.

B Add it to the cart.

C Look at the gorgeous choices that were just brought up! Aliexpress has a special algorithm that can detect what you will probably be interested based on other users’ shopping carts and behavior.


Don’t be surprised if you find things that you love!


The “More Products” trick:

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page (some product pages are veeeery long).

There will be a scrolling bar of different similar products from that seller and other sellers. This is your chance as well to make sure you are getting the cheapest price for that item. Many sellers will offer the same item at different prices. Just make sure to keep shipping in mind!


  1.  Pay with an American Express with return protection benefits.

This trick should be obvious but it’s not used often at all since Aliexpress just started accepting Amex. Returning to Aliexpress is a real pain, and most products can’t even be returned. Use an Amex to cover yourself just in case that gorgeous velvet dress turns out to be a dud.

“Hey, but what about disputing a purchase on AliExpress?”, is the question I always get. There is always the ability to dispute a purchase on Aliexpress itself, but very often it can be hard to dispute when it comes to sizes. Keep in mind that Chinese women are usually much more narrow than the typical American woman.


  1. Know what you are looking for

The more specific a search is, the easier it is to find it.

For example I loved this girl’s dress that I found when searching for “girls velvet long sleeve dress fall.”

For more great suggestions and categories stuffed with fall fun be sure to visit my website

Click here to start shopping at AliExpress


About Rachel:

Rachel Jaeger is a mom of 3 always looking for a great deal. Her answer to all her friends begging on how to find things on Aliexpress, is her year old website: TheAliFinds. Happy Finding!



  1. Wow! this is great, always wanted something like this. Now instead of bugging my friends for links i can give them some ideas. any way you can add electronics too?


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