And it doesn’t entail using anything gooey or creamy or sticky

If you’ve ever had a hairless baby with cradle cap, it can be a buzzkill. Cute little yummy thing, smile that makes you melt, big flashlight eyes…but then that scaly scalp. How can something so perfect have that flaky stuff on his head?

In the past, whenever I’d spot cradle cap on a nephew, I’d be the aunt that gets them out pronto. A couple of weeks ago, when I spotted cradle cap under my daughter’s hair…I wasn’t dismayed at all. I’d get that out pronto.

My little trick doesn’t entail putting anything gooey on baby’s head. I’ve seen websites tout solutions like rubbing something on the scalp and washing it off the next day. Eh, no thanks.

I use the fine tooth hospital comb to comb out the cradle cap. Comb, comb, comb, comb, and lift it up. Focus on one area at a time. Give baby a bath and it’s gone. It’s fun too. And super gratifying to see that scalp perfect again.

A regular comb won’t work, neither will any infant comb you find at Babies R’ Us. I usually beg the nurses before I leave with a newborn to give me extra combs, because I couldn’t find them anywhere else (and of course, they’re also the best for simply combing infant hair too).

But now, like all other things in this world, the combs are now available on Amazon. You can get the combs by clicking here.   

p.s. Ever tried making your own baby food? It’s easy. Click here to read more. 



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