Working on a kitchen, living room, bedroom…or even just a sink for netilas yadayim? These designs, by London Designer Esther Taylor, may inspire you.

By Esther Taylor


Sometimes…it’s a detail you see here or there that makes all the difference.

The Symmetrical Kosher Kitchen

In this kitchen design, we used grey textured wood, leathered Caesarstone on the worktop and Carrara marble for the backsplash and walls.  We also used a wood look tile on the floor.

When it comes to the layout of a kosher kitchen, considering how much cooking we do, it’s important not to have to walk too far from the fridge–to the sink–to the oven. In design terms, this is called “The Magic Triangle.”  It is also important that when you take something out of the oven there is an immediate surface where you can put the dish on.  


The Sleek SinkThis is a netilat yadayim/powder room area.  Here to keep the look sleek we had the sink made out of the tile that we used on the wall.  We ran a strip of bronze mirror from the top to the bottom of the elevation and a black tap to set it all off.  For storage we added an angled drawer.  Simple, clean lines create a chic, sophisticated area.


Functional ComfortHere we kept the palette monochrome but added to the scheme with the layering of the textures.  Lots of textures have been used but because they are tonal in colour they complement each other. We then set the neutral scheme off with a pop of dark wood.  The function of this room is a den with a lot of storage.  When building a home my advice is that you make sure that you have plenty of storage–if everything has a place – there will be no mess.


Simple, Soft, Hotel-LikeHere we created a beautiful chic master bedroom by layering luxurious fabrics and playing with scale of print.  Proportion in a room is very important – don’t keep everything one level – lift the scheme by adding lamps or artwork.  Here we kept the palette very simple and soft yet achieved a hotel-like finish with keeping the lines concise.


About Esther Taylor:

Born and raised in London, Esther Taylor attended the Chelsea School of Design and has a lifelong passion for all things design. She counts her father, a carpenter by trade, as her early inspiration. Esther’s clients range from international property developers to private home-owners and she takes on each assignment with equal passion and energy.

Esther’s personal style is simple and elegant with a touch of glamour. She works with a mixture of textures, layers, fabrics and finishes and uses bold statement colours as readily as neutral earthy tones. Whilst her distinct style shines through each project, Esther’s adaptable approach enables her to work seamlessly across a wide spectrum of properties and developments. Follow her on instagram for daily inspiration. Website: and instagram @esthertaylordesign



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