What do Legos and makeup brushes have in common? You can never have too many of either of them!

By Chanie Hartstein


But seriously, all you need to do is stop in your playroom and borrow a Lego plate from your kids!


What you’ll need:

¼ cup dishwashing soap, such as Palmolive

½ teaspoon olive oil

2 tablespoons water, at room temperature

Lego base plate or makeup cleaning glove



Rubbing alcohol




1. Combine dishwashing soap, olive oil, and water in a bowl.


2. Take a few makeup brushes at a time

and dip them into the mixture.


3. Vigorously brush the brushes on the Lego base plate under running water. Brush until the water runs clear.

 Squeeze excess water out in a downward direction keeping the bristles together.

Place on a towel to dry.

When done, wipe down the handles of all brushes with rubbing alcohol to disinfect.


Always keep brushes downward when wet! Don’t turn them upright, even to just take a look to see if they’re clean.


Make sure your water is room temperature! If it’s too hot it loosens the glue that holds the bristles together.

Don’t want to get your hand wet? If you are very into your makeup you might want to invest in a makeup glove. Use this instead of the Lego plate. You can find one here.

How often should you clean makeup brushes?

Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown recommends cleaning brushes used for concealer and foundation at least once per week. This is to prevent a buildup of product. Eye makeup brushes should be washed twice per month, while the others can be washed monthly.

Want your makeup to last longer? Read Sheva Schapiras tips here.


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Chanie Hartstein is a makeup artist in Lakewood, NJ.


  1. For beauty blenders skip the oil. I find that dishwashingles soap alone cleans the sponges best. The grease fighting component in the soap takes out all the foundation from the blenders. No need to invest in the expensive sponge soaps.

  2. The brush I use for foundation is impossible to clean. Will the lego board be enough for it or do I need to buy the glove? Thanks


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