Priming: A Well-Hidden Beauty Secret

Want to have your makeup last for a three-day Yom Tov? Anyone who knows me well knows about my obsession with makeup.  Most people in my life stumbled across this discovery in the most subtle of ways, like when I would go missing for weeks at a time, only to eventually be found roaming around Sephora. Hey, my insane collection of lip glosses was cheaper than therapy. But as my collection grew and this was no longer true, I accepted the fact that while my cosmetic buying tendencies might not be cheaper than therapy, they were a whole lot more fun!  Still, not everyone shares this vision and friends and family still have to intervene and prevent me from going into drugstores, department stores, or anywhere that I can get my hands on beauty products.  

The upside is that I’ve garnered quite the collection and learned a lot of tips and tricks through experimentation. As a result, I get stopped regularly with inquiries about which products I use and I’m always excited to share.  The requests vary from people wanting to know which brands/colors I’m wearing, to inquiries about technique (hello contouring!), but perhaps the greatest question on everyone’s mind is about how to get their makeup to actually stay on.  Since makeup has a tendency to melt in heat, slide off oily skin, or rub off overnight—this applies to everyone!

The first secret is starting off with a primer…there are products for skin, lips, and eyes which keep ahold of your makeup.

Primers for your skin type

Ready to have your makeup last for three day Yom Tov?

As with everything important in life, you need to start with a good foundation.  Your skin is your canvas and it needs to be well-primed.  There are primers for almost every area of the face and every variation of skin type.  Foundation primers have been formulated to address any skincare issues you may have.  If your concern is oily skin, you will want to select a primer that absorbs oil and leaves you with a matte finish.  If your skin is a bit dull, go for a radiance boosting primer to give you just a bit more of a glow.  And if you are plagued by fine lines and other signs of aging, there is a special targeted “blur” technology that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.   

My Picks:

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer (Normal skin)

Laura Mercier Radiance primer (Dull skin)

Loreal Nude Magic Blur Cream (Mature skin)

Givenchy  Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer (oily skin)

Before the lipstick

For lips, I like a very thin layer of a long-lasting lip formula or a stain as a base.  Over that, line the lips and fill them in with the liner for additional staying power.  Then you can opt for a sheer layer of lipstick and/or gloss to add some softness and shine while finishing off the look.   I do this anytime I need my lipstick to last all day and it completely negates the need for touch-ups!   

My Pick:

Max Factor Lipfinity or Cover Girl Outlast Long lasting lip colors (Lips)

Eyes for days

Perhaps the best secret in my arsenal is eye primer.  I have experimented endlessly with eye primers and the difference is mind-boggling.  It not only gives your shadow longer wear time, it also intensifies the shades and pigments for a more vibrant finish.  I once went so far as to wear primer on only one eye and compare the shadows at the end of the day.  By the time nightfall hit, I looked decidedly unbalanced.  The eye with the primer look freshly applied, while the other one, was a messier, more faded version.  

My Pick:

Urban Decay Original Primer Potion (eyes)

priming makeup last

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About the Author

Sheva Schapira is a wig stylist, author and self proclaimed beauty addict. She is also the founder of the new glam wig line Eva and Chloe




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