This gift is almost a year old, yet it’s still new.


Last year, when my daughter was 5, she told me that she’s no longer interested in dolls. Frankly, she said she’s no longer interested in any of her toys and that they’re all babyish. Her new interest was art. Renee and Esti had both put together “Art Centers” for their girls, and while I was considering all the options, Esti had a simple idea for me: Purchase a set of drawers, like this one, and simply fill it with supplies.

So we did! During one trip to A.C. Moore we chose all the supplies that would go in each drawer. Scrap paper, foam stickers and regular stickers, sequins, pom poms, feathers, special scissors and glue, colored pencils and gel pens, glitter, pipe cleaners, rhinestones, felt shapes…endless fun!

One year later and the art center hasn’t gotten old because the crafts inside are always changing. Interests change, and an empty drawer is an opportunity to fill it with something else. Most of these types of art supplies aren’t expensive when you’re buying one at a time and they give lots of “busy” time for the buck.

Here’s a plus. I use the $8 Ikea Lack Side tables in our art center (I currently have two Lacks put together). Because they’re inexpensive, I don’t mind if my daughter colors on them or sticks stickers on them or whatever. And they look good in most any space…even with the scribbles.

PROS: This type of art center can be stored away in a closet and taken out whenever it’s time for art. It doesn’t need a dedicated space, although it certainly can have one.


Want more art center ideas? I’m looking forward to Esti and Renee sharing their ideas in future posts!



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