Inexpensive closet hacks

It’s easy to have your closets organized when they are custom designed like this:

organized custom closet
Now that’s a closet!

But if you are like most people, whose closets consist of simple shelves and drawers, here are a few little things that you can add that make a big difference.

How to organize your cupboardsCupboard Shelves such as this or this, are a great way to have your dishes easily accessed without the need to move tall piles to get to the bottom dish.

the home edit how to organize closets
Photo by The Home Edit

Undershelf baskets can keep little things organized without getting lost on the shelf. In boys closets, I like to use these for yarmulkes or tzitzis.

how to organize a tie drawer
There are lots of products and hangers that are made to hang ties, but rolling them in a drawer is great for very visual people who like to see all the ties at the same time. Open the drawer, glance down, and choose the tie you like. Make sure when placing the rolled tie into the drawer that the tips of the ties aren’t bent so that they don’t crease. These dividers were easily made using drawer dividers. You can use wood dividers if your drawers are wide enough.

acrylic shelf organizerHave long shelves? This Acrylic Shelf Divider will keep those stacks of tops neat and organized.

neatly folded shirts - how to organize your closetsThese perfectly lined up tops don’t fold themselves. You can use a simple clipboard to fold your shirts, or buy a t-shirt flip fold. Your tops will look exactly like those in picture-perfect closets.




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