Your salad can be a beautiful, colorful centerpiece on your table with this easy trick.


We learned this trick from food stylist Renee Muller.

As she was styling this Red Cabbage Salad at the photoshoot, we watched and snapped so we could fill you in on the secret too. You can use this trick for any salad with enough colorful ingredients. Sub the lettuce for the red cabbage if it’s a lettuce-based salad.

You’ll need:

*All your prepped ingredients

*Clean, white strips of paper

Fill the bottom of the bowl with red cabbage. Add more red cabbage on the top, on one side only. Place a strip of paper on the side. Hold it there while you add the next ingredient.

Continue adding each ingredient in a row, adding a strip of paper between each one.

Remove the papers and add to your buffet.

Add dressing and toss right before serving.


For the Red Cabbage Salad recipe, click here.




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