Keep infrequently used bedrooms fresh with this trick.


Washing and changing linen is a big job, let’s not kid ourselves. If you know you won’t be using your beds for a while (even if only a week or two) here is a great trick to save yourself from a clean but dusty bed (ugh!). Just cover each bed with a plastic tablecloth (the cheapest in that size that you can find) and voila, all you need to do is uncover when it’s ready to be used again and the bed remains dust-free.

This tip is particularly helpful if you’ll be traveling, or if your child is away in camp or yeshiva, or if you have bedrooms that are infrequently used, like guestrooms.

Please note that plastic can be dangerous around young children (a good idea would be to lock the bedrooms that aren’t in use).



  1. I do the same thing with a flat sheet. Walmart sells them pretty cheap. Seems to work better than plastic. Doesnt slip and slide and lets the linens breathe.


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