My children are counting the days, I am sure yours are too.

And no, it’s not only because they’re looking forward to the gifts. There’s so much more than that.

Think of Chanukah and you will get this cozy, warm feeling of family time, while  watching the candles burn.There’s this holy and almost magical feel in the air, as we sit, in one room, together, for once. Every year, come Chanukah, I cherish these tender moments more and more, watching my children grow from year to year, graduating from colorful candles to oil and wicks, from temper tantrums to an appreciation for family time.

With 8 precious nights ahead of us, my family likes to kick-off the excitement of Chanukah with a…


Family Treasure Hunt!

My children wait for this treasure hunt from Kislev to Kislev. And it makes me laugh, because it is so simple, yet so much fun.

I take a few moments and think about all the things that happened in our house this past year, and where in the house they happened. Then I create a treasure hunt. It goes something like this:

“Find your first clue in the spot where Tatty found Izzy’s glasses after he was missing them for two weeks.”

Fun games to play on Chanukah.

Everyone remembers that they were found under the baby’s crib because that’s where he fell asleep while playing hide-and-go-seek.

“Your second clue is where the baby spilled the entire bottle of Elmer’s glue.” and off they run. Who could forget that day??

“Find your next clue in the spot where Hindy sits everyday after supper.”

“Your next clue is where Mommy hides Shabbos nosh and thinks nobody knows it’s there.”

“Your next clue is in the spot where Zeidi hangs his hat when he visits.”

Add any clues you know your family will enjoy.


At the end of the hunt, I leave a treasure  for each kid in the form of vouchers: a voucher for breakfast with Mommy at the bagel shop before dawn (yawn), a voucher for baking sugar dough cookie , a voucher for staying up 1 hour later than usual, and so on.

This is a great game and we have lots of fun reminiscing and laughing all the while.


*Looking for last minute gifts? Checkout our Chanukah Gift Guide!


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