Babka is delicious. But all that dough being rolled, and filling being sprinkled everywhere also creates a big mess. We have a solution.

I’m addicted to baking babka. There is nothing as satisfying as baking a yeast dough…the add some cocoa and sugar for a chocolaty, chocolaty filling and bam! It’s addicting.

But there’s a problem for those who don’t want to make babka but have no problem baking challah: the mess of cocoa and sugar is what usually deters them. They aren’t scared of yeast; they don’t worry that their dough won’t grow.

And even though the chocolaty mess didn’t scare me away from baking babka, I did want a faster and cleaner way to fill my babka.


So let’s start.


Line your island, counter, or tabletop with plastic wrap. Kirkland is definitely our favorite.


Have someone else help you ensure the plastic wrap is tight, snug, and stuck to the counter.


Sprinkle some flour on the plastic wrap and start rolling out your dough.


Roll out all the babka doughs you’ll be preparing at the same time so that you can work efficiently.


Move onto the next step, spreading the oil on the dough.


Spread out the cocoa/ sugar mixture on each dough. There’s no need to make one babka, clean the counter, make another, clean it again, etc.


Start rolling them up.


All 4 are ready at the same time.


Place into pan. We used these wooden loaf ones as mentioned here.


The beauty of the babka roll.


Now’s the fun part, the easy clean up! Just roll up the plastic wrap…


All clean and ready to go into the oven. Suggestion: Add the egg wash and crumbs before you roll up the plastic wrap.

Here is my babka recipe from Fresh and Easy Kosher Cooking.


  1. What works amazing too, and I think is even easier, is using the cheapest (because thinner is better) brand of disposable plastic tablecloths. What you do is make your countertop damp with a wet paper towel and cover it with a plastic tablecloth. It will not budge because it sticks to your wet countertop. Then when your done with the mess, just roll it up and toss it.

  2. Love this idea! I have ready dough in the freezer but figured I’ll skip baking it this week b/c of the wash up, but you may have just changed my mind!

    Also, can you share where you bought those paper liners u used in the pan?


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