How and where do you find the perfect fit for your husky boys? Here’s a complete resource, from shirt to pants and more.

While you are all reading this I’m praying that my son didn’t go up a size. There are lots of articles out there what to do with an overweight child, and how to stop the epidemic of childhood obesity, but there is absolutely no help in how to shop for such a child. While I understand that dressing an overweight girl is more challenging I, baruch Hashem, only have experience with a husky boy. For those of you who have that challenge, this article will hopefully make that shopping process easier.

I’d like to think that the boys are fine wearing husky sizes; it’s the mothers that have a harder time.

Feel free to add your comments, shopping tips, and ideas in the comments below.



Since you usually have to size up so that the underwear elastic doesn’t dig into the waist, knit boxer briefs such as Gap’s work well since there is no leg opening that gets too wide.

How to shop for a husky boy. Best underwear for a husky boy. How and where do you find the perfect fit for your husky boys? Here’s a complete resource, from shirt to pants and more.

These striped ones from the Gap, have the elastic in the knit fabric, making them more comfortable.


The problem with husky pants is that stores don’t carry them. And since every child carries their weight differently, every company will fit differently on each child. The best thing to do is order from every single option in multiple sizes  (sorry!) and try them all on. Once you find pants that fit, order more of them. 

Pants must be ordered in “husky,” since sizing up doesn’t work well. Don’t be scared to order skinny husky pants (it sounds like an oxymoron) because most husky pants that aren’t skinny are terribly wide by the ankle (how fat do they think the ankles are?).

And remember: always search for coupons online before purchasing!

My favorites: For price and quality I prefer Children’s Place and H&M (though skip H&M navy since it’s not a good color. They do occasionally carry a great gray, but it’s not always in stock).

Note: H&M runs bigger. An Old Navy Husky 18 is like a 13-14 H&M

Children’s Place: Boys Skinny Chino Pants in Blue or Black (the jeans aren’t jeans, just a thicker fabric).

Old Navy: Built-in Flex Skinny/Slim khakis. These are available in lots of fun  colors or classic uniform colors.

Gap: Gap Shield Reinforced Straight Pants

H&M: Skinny Fit Generous Size Jeans or Husky Twill Pants  


For most tops it’s not necessary to look for husky sizes; you can usually size up easily.

Polo Shirts:

Crewcuts and Zara long sleeve polo shirts are usually too narrow for husky kids once they are over 10 years old. Short-sleeved shirts at Children’s Place, Gap, and Target are great options. For long-sleeved shirts, there are less options.

If you need solid-colored or striped polos with sleeves and without words, you have three options (as always, look at for coupons and sales).

Tommy Hilfiger – There’s lots of choices usually in the outlets or online. Usually you can find great deals on the striped polos, though the cuffs stretch out quickly.

Polo Ralph Lauren – Great options in solid colors up to size 18-20.

Brooks Brothers – These run the widest; size XL (age 15-16) is bigger than RL 18-20


Button Down Shirts:

Shirts usually look better on big guys, but not all kids are comfortable in them. Colored husky-sized shirts for weekdays tend to be very wide. Usually, regular shirts fit fine and are cheaper. 

You can buy colored shirts at Children’s Place, Old Navy, and Gap.

Once your guy outgrows those brands but isn’t ready for men’s shirts you can try Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren. They’re pricier but they run the wider and bigger.


Please no ribbed, no cable, nor crew neck sweater…it makes them look heavier! V necks or button down sweaters are better options.

These are the three best options for quality and style:


J Crew Factory

Brooks Brothers (for when you outgrow the other brands)



Surprisingly, this isn’t easy. If you size up the swimming trunks get too long.

But there’s great news!

How to shop for husky boys clothingGap started making husky trunks and rash guards. Those are now the best option. Previously, I found that Target swimsuits ran wider.

If you have a guy that outgrows Gap and Target, you can buy Uniqlo Small Mens Swimsuits since they run shorter.

May this year be the last year that you shop husky sizes.

Looking for other great shopping tips? Check out the best of  basics here. 


  1. thanks leah!!
    i want to add that old navy and landend carry husky size tops, which is great for long sleeves, as you dont land up with ridiculously long sleeves.

    Can you help with Shabbas shopping? how to fit a suit, and whats the best white shirts that look good on the husky ones?

    • I find the sleeves of the husky shirts are very wide. Haven’t bought them in a while, I should try them again.
      Shabbos Clothing will be’h be a different post 🙂

  2. lands end has a very large selection of husky – even shirts, which i find to work really well bec. going up a size in shirts means the sleeves are too long.

  3. to momof3
    don’t know where you live, but in lakewood, His Place sells boys husky sizes in suits and shirts. they are reasonably priced, washable, wear well, and even let you mix and match jacket and pants sizes.

  4. All pull on cargo pants at Jcrew are working so well on my 7 year old he’s currently in size 10. We also love the Uniqlo pull on pants.
    Shabbos suits from Jcrew have been working amazingly so far as well- those are sold as separates so you can do a 12 jacket and 14 pants.

  5. Used to b a Flatbush store called Touchdown. The proprietor Mrs Zaks was famous for fitting husky boys and not making them feel self conscious. Wish such a place existed nowadays!!

  6. In Boro park, in Regency Men’s wear, I watched a husky boy get fitted with a suit. It was done with such tact. He walked out feeling great about himself regardless of the size.

  7. Touchdown was legendary and predated all of today’s stores! It was the only place to shop for clothing when my boys were growing up! Bebshi Zaks was in a class of her own! Every child was treated with the utmost respect and she genuinely cared that the boys should walk out feeling good about themselves. She also was a genius with the fit. I miss that store!!!

  8. Ah..touchdown with the famous book covers that they would give the kids, don’t think I have seen a book cover in many years:). The store was a legend and Mrs.Zaks was a queen in how she treated each and every customer. It was as if you were royalty when you shopped. The sensitivity exhibited to my brother who was quite husky and Down syndrome and easily excitable was unprecedented. My parents until today speak about the Midos that Mrs. Zaks has and it’s been almost 35 years since we literally grew out of Touchdown. They don’t make people like that anymore.

  9. Bebshi Zaks is a role model for how all store owners should treat their customers. She had the uncanny ability to look at a boy and size him with her eyes. She remembered the boys previous suit sizes. The most exceptional thing about her was the way she treated every customer. The respect, genuine kindness and time and effort she accorded each customer was in a class by itself. Every boy and mother walked out of Touchdown feeling like a million dollars. She ran her store in a way that was inspirational to everyone that shopped there. She would direct customers to other stores when she felt that she could not properly fit the child. Shopping in Touchdown was an experience that I have never come across again. It is a privledge to know her.

  10. I like going to The Suit Shoppe in Lakewood for that same tactful and friendly service you are describing here. My son is on the husky side and with lots of patience (and expert tailoring) the team at The Suit Shoppe always manages to make my son feel and look handsome.

  11. I have also found that for my preteen son who carries his weight not only in his waist but also in his behind, that Levi;s Husky jeans fit his body well. The waist and inseam are conveniently printed on the label like adult jeans.


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