Yes, even lemonade can be faked. And there’s no shame in that. Only deliciousness.


I had slaved and prepared everything from salads, to mains, to desserts. Everything was fresh and perfect. Yet, at the end of the party, after all the guests had left and it was just us, the siblings, picking at the last bits of food left on the platters, the truth came out.

“The best item tonight?” said someone who would later get an earful from me “the lemonade! So refreshing! Delightful!”

Go figure. The one item that was not homemade. My ONLY cheat.

But, in all honesty, it is really, really good. And really, really easy. So here it goes.


1) Take 1 package of Crystal Light Lemonade .

2) Open it up.

3) Pour it into a pitcher.

4) Slice a lemon or a lime and place it into the pitcher.

5) Add lots of ice.

6) Fill with water.

7) Serve.

What’s the trick, you may ask? I am not sure. Perhaps the sliced lemon or lime, that makes it taste fresh when it really isn’t? But it was my party’s hit, and everyone loved it. And it was sugar-free. So there.


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