And none of them involve spending much.


Yom Tov comes and without fail, each year, we all get a bit crazy with menus, new recipes and big fat (pun intended) plans. I find it so beautiful and heartwarming, the way we Yiddishe Mammes, no matter how busy or overworked we might be, make an effort in making Yom Tov special for our families. You’d think that with so many meals coming up (yes, it’s a 3 day chag) one would look for shortcuts. Oh no, not us. We go and make sure to add new ideas to our repertoire, change it up and make it even more enjoyable and special. Because, that, is our family’s Simchas Yom Tov.

I, like you, enjoy doing just the same: sitting and writing menus (here is my menu from last year) and brainstorming new ways that will keep my family fulfilled and happy. When I plan a menu, I always envision the plate and what it might need. I also think of my dishes and how I will be serving it. That said, I admit that I have a bit of an obsession with dishes and serving pieces. Lucky me, I can blame it on my line of work and buy more stuff even though I really don’t need them. Like really not.

But, sometimes, it is the small touch that adds so much to your table. Like here, I will show you my latest 3 purchases that have given my plating/table a facelift without spending much.


2Pitchers add so much to your table.

These cool and modern beaker pitchers  from CB2 are so easy to use, store and clean. I use them every Shabbos for my semi homemade lemonade and they never fail to impress. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone that they are only $7.95!

The smaller version is perfect for tea essence or salad dressings. So cool.

Oh, and these cool cups here? From Ikea. $3 a pop. Crazy, I know.

 This bowl is great, the perfect size for coleslaw, pickles, cucumber salad, etc. I bought 3 and then added another 3. Always a winner. Best of all, they are dishwasher safe and stack nicely. Check out the mini bowls too for dips and such.


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Renee Muller
Stylist Renee Muller is a trailblazer in the food and lifestyle styling industry. Her magnum opus, the “Our Table” cookbook, debuted on September, 2016. With her own European upbringing, she’s still getting accustomed to raising American-born kids (and the concept of takeout). You can follow her on Instagram @reneemullerstyling or view her work on her website


  1. Oh, and these cool cups here? From Ikea. $3 a pop. Crazy, I know.

    thanks for this idea! i tried finding the cups on Ikea though and couldn’t. Would you please be able to post a link? tysm!


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