In just 3 steps, your kids will be busy painting and having a blast. And cleanup happens with the snap of your fingers.


Looking for another activity to keep busy on Sundays and days off? Most kids love to paint but most moms don’t love the mess. So here’s the way we set it up for cleanup that takes a minute.

1. Start with a disposable plastic tablecloth over your table. (I don’t know about you, but painting only happens outdoors at my house.)

2. Then lay a long strip of aluminum foil down the middle. Squirt some of each color of paint all along the foil. (Crayola makes these great washable paints that come in many exciting color sets like metallic and glitter.)


3. And here’s the brilliant part: use a separate brush for each color! No washing between colors means no spilled dirty water! Just buy cheap bulk paintbrushes and foam brushes so you have plenty to go around.

And when all the painting fun is done, line up the brushes, roll up the foil and throw it all out. Done!

Here’s what I used for this project:

Washable Kid’s Paint, Glitter Washable Paint, Metalic Washable Paint,  Paintbrushes, Foam Brushes



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